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    Unfortunately, I tend to be very hard on my things, so I need added protection. For my present Moto G5 Plus cellphone, I use a polycarbonate hard shell cover over a TPU inner shell holster design that clips onto my belt while I work around my farm. This provides a hard shell on both front and back of my cellphone, and I slide it out when the phone rings. Even with a Gorilla glass screen protector, I still end up replacing those protectors occasionally. My new N10 has more areas to protect. I need a rigid outer case that extends beyond any area that can scratch or break. I'd hate to drop it on its face and shatter the screen. I'd prefer a holster design that encloses the entire phone while I work. What recommendations do you have?
    08-27-2021 11:04 PM
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    By the way, when I'm not working in the yard, I tend to carry my phone (still enclosed by the back case) in a Reiko leather belt clip phone holder pouch loop holster Case. They come in all sizes, so I need to choose that based on the dimensions of the hard case I get.
    08-27-2021 11:09 PM
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    I finally narrowed down my choices and then posted a question on the OnePlus Community Forum, but got no replies, so I'll post it here and hope for something better.

    Being hard on my devices and wanting the most protective case for my new Nord N10, I decided on the Poetic Revolution. It comes with two face frames. One has a protective film and the other without the film. I figure a glass screen protector will offer more protection than the thin film, but I'm questioning whether it would be better to use the open face frame or the one with the film over my glass screen protector. I think the question is whether having 2 screen protectors will affect the functionality of the phone.

    To help other owners of this phone, here is what I discovered when searching for protective holsters to carry this phone & case in. Finding protective cases is challenging, especially when the manufacturer gives false information. I wanted the measurements, so I could find a belt clip case I could carry it in (as there really isn't a protective holster style case on the market for this phone). At first Poetic said the measurements for this case are 8.39 x 4.02 x 1.34 inches. That made no sense to me, so I wrote them back, and they said the measurements are actually 7.28 x 3.78 x 1.57 inches. Even at this measurement, has anyone actually seen a cellphone case that is 1-1/2" thick? That would be awful hard to hold, yet alone carry. When my case finally arrived, I measured the box at 7" X 3-5/8" X 1-1/4" (smaller than the company's claimed size for this case) and the case at 6-7/8" X 3-7/16" X 5/8". Now that's more realistic. I now had to find a case to carry this in. Most cases are designed for specific phones (not cases), so it is hard to find ones that actually include measurements. Here is what I ended up with:
    For outdoor/yardwork use: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097GY3SP7?psc=1&smid=A3QDGA3RYV5DIR&ref_=chk_typ_imgToDp Since it has two pockets, I'll cut a piece of closed cell foam to fit in the outer pocket for more protection. The zipper should keep much of the dirt out.
    For office/around town use: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WYRQ59Y?psc=1&smid=A3030489MAIDTS&ref_=chk_typ_imgToDp The case is .025" short, but, since the sides are made of elastic, I figure it could handle the extra 1/40"... not that I could easily measure something that small with a ruler.

    Hopefully, this information will help others out. I look forward to hearing your answers regarding using the film face covering over my glass screen protector or using the empty face covering over my glass screen protector. Thanks for helping.
    09-14-2021 08:24 PM

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