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    I am considering a tempered glass screen protector for my S4.

    The supplied screen protector for the S4 Commuter series is my current one.

    I like it a lot but for the smudges and fingerprints. There are no problems with bubbles or adhesive, etc.

    Otterbox technical rep suggested that applying a little bit of baby powder to the screen using a cotton ball is helpful and I may try that but I have to clean the screen numerous times daily due to smudges and fingerprints and I don't know if the baby powder trick will act as a preventative. Update: I just tried it and it seems to clean the screen effortlessly, but I used some talcum powder- which is similar to baby powder. As to preventing or reducing fingerprints and smudges, don't know yet but will update further.

    I could not find on the internet the width/thickness in mm of the supplied screen protector that comes with the Commuter for the S4 and the Otterbox rep did not have that information.

    *Does anyone know the exact width in mm of the screen protector that comes with the Commuter for the Samsung Galaxy S4?*

    I am thinking of getting one of the Spigen tempered glass ones. I have ruled out the 'Nano' version as there is no way that I will agree to pay $35 for it. That leaves the 'Slim' one at, I believe, 23mm.. Before I purchase it, I'd like to know the current width of the Commuter's screen protector as I have many 'cases' for the phone and don't want to encounter any fit difficulties with the various cases.

    Thanks in advance!
    07-11-2013 03:09 PM

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