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    1. I want the OEM Blue Back Cover. I read a "watch out" somewhere they may not have the rubber gasket. This would affect the being waterproof correct. Otherwise if I didn't mind that then the back is OK?

    2. I sort of like or don't mind the dots on the back. I like Spigen cases but the dots loom a little large. I may get anyway or I may get the Incipio Feather which is similar in color but lighter. Looks nicer and sleeker etc ala 5c'ish. Which one iyho looks better

    3. Have they really improved TPU that much. Ringke comments that their clear one is the clearest ever. I got a clear one for my M7 last year and it was not clear.
    Is it clearer than the snap on hard cases?

    Thanks for any help and opinions.
    05-03-2014 11:01 PM

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