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    I bought a new HTC One M8 HK edition, and, as with every other phone I have owned, I bought an Otterbox Defender to go with it. (I've dropped a phone from 8' ladder once and it survived without a scratch. Just a broken tab on the Otterbox.)

    Anyway, I've noticed this thing has one annoying problem. The plastic screen protector doesn't lie flat on the screen, but floats above the surface of the screen about 1-2mm. Not much, but it causes repeats of key presses, and "double taps" that I didn't mean to do.

    Otter is sending me another case. Out of curiosity, I stopped by the Sprint store where I bought the phone, and was asking them if they had any problems with the Otterboxes on the One M8, and they said no, and replaced the case for me. It still has the same damn issue.

    I've resorted to pulling the plastic screen protector out, so I can use the phone.

    Anyone have this issue? Or know how to fix it besides doing what I did?
    06-05-2014 11:27 AM

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