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    So I spent approx twice the going rate for a fully adhesive glass screen protector . The package doesn't come with a template which is poor and also the lower edge of the underside of the protector was faulty , resulting in it not staying down on that corner. Ordered a replacement and we'll see how that fairs out. It's very difficult lining it up because the glass also is designed to cover the front camera notch. At this price point a template should have been provided from apparently a higher end manufacturer like Mocoll.
    Also, interestingly, the top of the box has what appears to be a security seal , yet the bottom of box hasn't anything.Huawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img_20191215_135734.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img_20191215_135818.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img_20191215_153806.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img_20191215_145346.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img_20191215_153814.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img_20191215_145355.jpg
    12-17-2019 01:15 PM
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    Replacement Mocall was received and installed.

    It's all okay, except the corners are definitely not fully covered. Shame otherwise it would be given a 9 out of 10. Instead , I'll rate this as a 6.5 out of 10. The oleophobic layer is good as is the feeling of the glass and clarity. For $15 it should have also came with a template which it didn't.

    Huawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0010.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0011.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0006.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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ID:	314469Huawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0008.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0007.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0009.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0004.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0005.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0012.jpgHuawei Mate 20x tempered glass Mocoll-img-20191219-wa0003.jpg
    12-19-2019 06:25 PM

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