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    I bought a new 10.1' rockchip cortax A9 processor 1550ghz based tablet a month ago(Spice MI 1010). It is 4.1JB with a huge 7600Mah LI-Po battery.As i charge it to full 100% & turn it on the battery level always drops sharply to 97% in next 10 to 12 mnts & from here onwards it gets stable.The second problem is as i turn it off after a small use of 10/15 mnts after charge (batt. level around 97% as mentioned above) & switch off & on next restart the previous usage time of 10 or 12 mnts whatever gets reset to 0 mnts while it maintains same battery level of last time when it is switch off(97% or whatever it was remains) i wanna know why battery drops sharply to 97 % after full charge in just 12 mnts & why on next restart the previous usage of 10 mnts is deleted & resets it self to 0 mnts?? Do i need to reset tab or is it normal ??..or what is remedy ???
    10-20-2013 07:57 AM

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