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    Hello Everyone,

    I ran across this forum as I was trying to research an issue I have. Currently I have the Samsung Note 3. This problem however has to do with both, my current and my last phone which was a Galaxy S3.

    Basically, I can use the exact same USB wall charger, but depending on the USB cable I use, I either get a very fast charge time (from 2% to +/- 20% or 25%) in the matter of 10-15 mins, or I plug it in and after half an hour, it has not even reached 10% yet.

    I would have thought that it's because of USB 3.0 but I have had the same problem with my S3 and I have also used a good working USB 2.0 cable on the Note 3 and had it charge very fast and vise versa.

    My question is: is therr a secret to how the USB cables are wired (+5V/GRND/D+/D-) or are they all wired standard? Just to make sure, the pair of data wires does not require to be connected for charging only, right?

    At first I thought that it was the USB wall charger (less than 2A/2000mA) but then I realized that this was not the case and that the main thing making a difference is the USB wire I was using.

    I have also downloaded an app that tells me how many amperes the phone is drawing while charging and it too changes with the same wall charger but different cables.

    I can't believe I am asking this one question because I should know this but: Is it possible that the wires used are able to only handle a certain amount of current?

    Any and all replies are appreciated. Thank you.
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    07-12-2014 09:53 PM
  2. augas111's Avatar
    Yes, they can only can handle some amount of current. All the cables are wired standart, because if there wuld be difference, you could easily burn your phone.

    Source: I am electric engineer.
    09-07-2014 03:18 AM

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