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    I think I ruin my s6 edge battery life. I use it till it dyes and when charging, I use it till its 60% and take it off the charger. I mostly never charge it till 100%. It's been a month now since I've been doing this and my phone says it's gonna take 6 hrs to fully charge! Can I retrain my battery, Or did I completely ruin my phone? It recently been acting more strange. I have been charging my phone for an hour now and its only at 5% since I started charging it at 3%. What's wrong with the phone?
    07-29-2015 02:44 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome to AC.

    First, make sure the USB lead is good, and check that the USB port is clean and undamaged.
    Let us know what you find.

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    07-29-2015 06:49 AM

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