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    Hi, I've been buying a lot of phone/car chargers even a few battery packs the past few years, and I notice that a lot of these offer some kind of "intelligent" detector that protects phones from "overcharging". I have some Anker, Aukey, Scosche and the likes. I think this is either a bit of a false advertising or maybe not fully explained. Or correct me as I'm really not sure.

    One way that I see is to protect a phone from being overcharged, means that the charger will somehow automatically pause once it reaches to 100% while plugged in, then continue once it is maybe 99% then go to an unending loop. But the way I see it, having a lot of these chargers from different brands, seems that the device never stops charging, therefore diminishing the battery quality once it is left alone at full charge, maybe during night time.

    So is there something I'm missing? Or not understanding with the overcharge protection? Any enlightenment will do, thanks!
    02-16-2016 02:14 AM

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