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    [Review] MyCharge HubPlus C Portable Charger-hbqc67v-a_usb_port_2048x.jpg
    We’ve all been there: you’re out and about with your smartphone, tablet, music player, laptop or other device. Suddenly you notice it’s dead or getting low power warnings and nowhere to plug in. That’s when it’s great to carry a portable battery pack.

    They come in all different shapes, capacities, charging rates and sizes so, where do you begin? Then there’s the whole cable ordeal, which cables to carry. Well, I have a few different types because every time I buy one someone in the house claims it. I recommend having different types for different occasions. For example, all day at an event with multiple family members or friends I carry a 28,000mAh but that's a few times a year that I really need something that large. If I just need a backup for emergencies a smaller unit will do but as of late I’ve tried to find a solution that meets 95 percent of my needs. Not to big, not too small and something very convenient.

    I took a look at an offering from RFA brands “MyCharge” Hub Series. What attracted me within the Hub Series was that it offered built-in cables. They make a 10050mAh HubMax and a 6700mAh HubPlus.The Hubmax only comes with Lightning and micro-usb cables built in. The HubPlus also comes with Lightning and micro-usb cables, however they make a HubPlus C which comes with micro USB and USB-C cable. I went with that choice primarily because most of my devices are type c. I would have preferred a combination Lightning cable and type c cuz that would take care of the household however it does come with a USB Dash a port so my wife and daughter can use their cable and plug it in as needed. I very much like the fact that it’s a compact unit. To give you an idea of the size it fits in the palm of your hand. I also like the fact that I didn't have to carry a cable to charge it with as the 110 plug is built into the unit which tucks away when not in use.
    [Review] MyCharge HubPlus C Portable Charger-20190329_135852.jpg[Review] MyCharge HubPlus C Portable Charger-hbqc67v-a_recharge_2048x.jpg

    In theory you can charge three devices at the same time but that assumes that you're using one of each type connector You could probably get an adapter for the micro USB and make that a second USB-C port. I normally charge one device at a time, however the capability is there for multiple types of devices at the same time. The HubPlus C supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 to give you that nice fast charge that you're always looking for.

    The 6,700mAh capacity will get me a full charge on my Samsung S10 + or Pixel 3XL with power to spare or top off mine plus the other 2 family phones if we are out together.

    Final Thoughts: It’s not the charger of choice for an all day event to charge multiple phones, but it does the trick on the go for me and my family if we are in Manhattan for Dinner and a show. The one feature it’s missing is the capability to rapid charge the pack so that its ready for use. It’s only 6700mAh so a few hours is all that’s needed to get it ready to go. I wish they would come out with a version with a three cable types or Lightning combined with USB-C.

    I highly recommend this charger, especially for it’s convenience features. The MyCharge website normally sells it for 79.99, however you can sign up for a 15% discount on their website. It is also available on Amazon at a slight discount.

    See it here

    [Review] MyCharge HubPlus C Portable Charger-hbqc67v-a_charge_2048x.jpg

    Feature Overview

    • Up to 4x extra battery
    • Built-in USB Type C cable & micro-USB cable
    • For Tablets, Smartphones & USB Devices
    • Battery Capacity: 6700mAh
    • Output 18W
    • Recharges Via: Built-in wall prongs
    • Aluminum Body
    • The newly launched HubPlus C 6700mAh portable charger is one of the first chargers to feature an integrated USB-C cable with Quick Charge. Quick Charge 3.0 is a Qualcomm Technology that delivers up to 4x faster charge. The HubPlus C also boasts a built-in micro-USB cable and a USB A port so that it can charge up to three devices simultaneously.
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