1. flyingbuffalo146's Avatar
    I have the weirdest probem :

    I have this Baesus wireless car charger (BSWC-10), and as soon as I start the engine of my Audi A5 and my Samsung Galaxy S10+ is in the cradle , the voice commands (ok google, Hi Bixby,...) stop working :-

    The voice commands work perfectly when I turn on the contact and engage the charging, without starting the engine...The voice commands also work very well in any other situation.
    I tried to turn off bluetooth, changed cables and cigarette-chargers, checked battery settings on my phone; to no avail.
    As soon as i start the engine, no more voice commands.

    05-07-2019 01:26 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Android auto or similar settings?
    05-07-2019 02:11 PM
  3. methodman89's Avatar
    Check your smartlock allowed devices. Also, check the settings to allow GA or aa to play over bt in the respective app.
    05-07-2019 03:00 PM

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