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    I have been looking into buying a Chromebook but none of the ones out checks off all the check boxes. The Toshiba Chromebook 2 is the closest (I want a good 1080p display) but it lacks in processing power. In the meantime I have been testing Chromium and Chromium Lime. Lime seems to work better than Vanilla on the particular laptop I am testing on. My "Chromiumbook" confirmed to me what I suspected: it is much faster in general and significantly faster for web browsing than Win7 on the same hardware. I will definitely buy a real Chromebook once the specs on upcoming Chromebooks improve. The Pixel would be perfect but it way more than I am willing to spend.

    My problem is that regardless of whether I run Vanilla or Lime, the OS only sees something like 700mb free disk space. However, I am running it on a 128gb SSD. I have tried numerious times using instructions on several sites but I always end up with about 700mb of free disk space on a 128gb SSD.

    Any advice for how I can get Chromium Lime to see all of the SSD?
    01-01-2015 11:12 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Let us know if you find a solution - good luck.
    01-01-2015 11:31 PM
  3. ab2c4's Avatar
    From what I have read, whoever makes the "image" sets the partitions. I also read that you can go in and repartition the partitions to be bigger if you know how in Linux. I will be honest, if there is an easy way I would do it but I don't think there is since I have limited Linux knowledge and don't care to put the time into figuring it out right now. I only tried Chromium to see if I liked it enough to buy an actual Chromebook (and I do really like it, it is and performs as I had hoped).

    Now I just have to wait for a good Chromebook specs wise to become available in the $300 range. I have thought about the high end Asus Chromebox with the i3. I think that would be specs wise what I am looking for, I am just not sure if I want a Chromebox for the lack of portability.

    I am glad they have Chromium available, its a great way to try it out before you decide to buy an official device. I definitely want the auto updating and built in Flash that comes with a Chromebook/Chromebox.
    01-02-2015 10:35 PM
  4. Tom Miller4's Avatar
    Might try a later compile from "Arnold the Bat". The distro you are using haven't been updated in quite a while. The problem might go away with a later one.

    Or you could try chromixium.org which runs a full tilt Linux with a Chromebook-like desktop.

    01-27-2015 04:06 PM
  5. ab2c4's Avatar
    I tried recent images from arnoldthebat and it was the same. Very small partitions in his images.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-26-2015 04:12 PM

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