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    I have a Toshiba CB2. I have had it for about a year as my only computer. It has the frusterating typing lag that has been mentioned on multiple reviews, but only in spurts. It is actually doing it now as I type this. I have lost my ability to put up with it any longer. It also bogs down a lot for no reason and on multiple websites consistently, including androidcentral. I almost hate coming here because of it. When it behaves, it is a great experience and why I left Windows to begin with. I have powerwashed it and started from scratch many times and nothing ever changes.

    Also the jumpig around on the screen when I try to scroll. I can scroll down to something I want to open, click on it and it often scrolls again on its own right when I go to click on something and because of the random scroll, I end up clicking on something else. I have to scroll and wait for a min for it to calm down. It also will only work with one tab at a time. If I open a tab and open email, while its opening, I hop to another tab to do something else, it will not do anything until I come back to it. It can be 10 min later and it will either time out or it still shows it loading my request. I can have multiple tabs open, I just cant download or anything else while I am on another tab. One tab at a time only. Ugghhh.

    Is this the norm for all of the CB models or just the Toshiba CB2? I need to either get a better CB or go back to Windows. Ughhh!

    Not sure if I can take this anymore.

    Thank you.
    11-02-2016 07:59 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Unfortunately I don't know about that specific device, but I have a Chromebook with much weaker specs that is older and still performs great - so I think it might be your device or that device model.
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    11-02-2016 08:08 PM
  3. pbike908's Avatar
    Are you running an Ad Blocker??? It sounds like what you are experiencing on some sites ads keep loading for awhile after some of the content loads and that when you click on a link the link shifts due to an ad loading. I've had a lot of trouble on Android Central especially with that problem so I enabled my ad blocker on AC (I like to white lists sites I visit frequently in order to support them but only if the ads load nicely). You could be having the same problem when you are typing in that the page is trying to finish loading while you are typing which is why you are experiencing a delay.

    I run Ad Block but there are others.

    The other possibility is that you have too many tabs open which is using your memory. If your Chromebook has 4GB of RAM that shouldn't be a problem, but with 2GB Chromebooks they can get bogged down easily. There is an extension you can load called Memory Manger that will tell you how much memory your Chromebook is using and how much is available in real time.
    11-08-2016 04:18 PM
  4. ackmondual's Avatar
    While my Chromebook experience (HP, 14" model) isn't always "buttery smooth", it still runs smoothly enough most of the time that that I wouldn't want to give it up. Not especially at the price I paid ($190 used). I still get the same issues every now and then (scrolling lags, and while typing), but it's nothing I haven't experienced on other platforms either, like Windows, Unix, iOS, and Android.

    As already mentioned, make sure you close out tabs you're not using (I've seemed to had issues with this as well). My device is only on 2 GB (DDR3) with a Nvidia Tegra K1 chip. I wish it had 4 GB, but things have been quite sufficient thus far, so it's more of a "nice to know it's there" than actually needing it.
    03-09-2017 02:09 PM
  5. smvim's Avatar
    Could there be an issue with the WiFi connection you use? From the various problems you've described maybe it's not so much an issue with your Toshiba itself, but its connectivity. Is it acting the same using different wireless networks?
    03-09-2017 04:00 PM

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