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    under $250

    I need to be able to type a newsletter twice a month that i can later email out.

    I need to be able receive a 200 page spreadsheet by email, and download it to search and filter it off line.

    Watch movies saved to usb stick.

    Everything else i need would be online.

    I'd like minimum 4gb ram.
    Minimum 16gb but would prefer 32gb storage.
    2 usb ports
    HDMI port
    SD card slot
    Touch screen is cool, but not necessary.
    6 to 8 hours battery would be good.
    Decent screen brightness

    I realize this is the chromebook section, but I'm not against Windows.

    I'm not sure what other features i should be looking for. But i am asking for suggestions of models.

    I'd prefer 11.6" over 14".

    01-06-2018 03:12 PM

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