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    I came over to the Chromebook world almost a year ago from using Windows 10 and an external hard drive to back up my data. I was using Google Drive to backup my android phones and the Windows 10 machine. Now I've got a Chromebook and I want an external hard drive to continue the same (as a second-level precaution) for Google Drive. Is there anything out there that might be a plug and play type device that works well with my Chromebook?
    04-01-2019 08:53 AM
  2. ptkelly's Avatar
    I have no idea which external hard drive is best but I dug out a six-year old external hard drive, plugged it in, and the photos stored on the hard drive showed up fine. It's an old Toshiba.

    Edit: I found an even older LG external drive that has two USB A connectors for power and data. I plugged in the first USB and it found both power and data. Works fine.
    05-27-2019 09:18 AM

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