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    The Best Chromebox | Android Central
    I can't find a comments section on the article.

    I'm wondering if the ASUS Chromebox M004U will get Play Store App compatibility? Don't see it specifically on "the list".

    Also, wondering if the Lenovo ThinkCentre Chromebox will get apps? Are the Memory and Storage upgradable on this one? How about the ability to install and run Linux via Crouton?

    It's hard for a newbie to find relevant information on chromeboxes. They don't seem to have a vocal following or dedicated web forums that I've been able to locate. I'm pretty tech-challenged. Any advice here?

    I'd like to try what Jerry outlines in this article Putting Linux on your Chromebook is easier than you think (and totally worth it!) | Android Central
    And potentially upgrade the hardware like referenced in this article Chromebox vs Chromebit — Which should you buy? | Android Central
    Thanks for looking,

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    10-07-2016 04:28 PM
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    hey hey

    We close comments on the buyer's guide posts. Mostly because they get updated so often and half the time the comments are about things that are no longer in the guide. I think once we have everything sorted we'll have links to the forums for discussion and comments, so you're ahead of the curve

    The ASUS is not listed to get Android app support or google play. That sort of sucks, because it would be fine running them (it's only about 3X as powerful as the very Best Android phone lol) but either sensor support is lacking or another piece of hardware isn't great with some of the tweaks needed to run Android apps. It;s not the age, because some of the things on the list are older and supported.

    The ThinkCentre looks to quickly become our pick. It IS on the list to get Android app support, you can upgrade the SSD and RAM (though it's not quite as easy as the ASUS, and it only has one RAM slot with a max of 8GB)and it has 4 USB 3.0 slots versus 2+2. I can;t call it the best until we're sure it holds up well.

    The only other drawback is the fan is kind of loud. not terrible, but enough to hear it.

    And it's fully supported by the Kodi for Chromebox folks here Chromebox - Official Kodi Wiki

    If I were building an HTPC streamer box I'd try the thinkcenter with a 128GB internal SSD and 8GB of RAM and have storage drives mounted in the USB ports and dual-boot Chrome OS and Ubuntu w/ Kodi.

    If i were building a box that wasn't going to dual-boot and just run Ubuntu/Kodi, I'd go with the ASUS and a bigger SSD and 16GB of RAM.

    If I just wanted a new Chromebox to use without doing anything or flashing a new OS, I would take the gamble and go with the Lenovo. But I would recommend the ASUS because I know it will last a loonnnggggg time even inside a hot A/V rack or cabinet. I just don;t know that about the thinkcentre yet, and that fan already chugs a bit. If it dies there could be issues.

    I'll look into changing the fan. If it's easy, that makes all this easier :P
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    10-07-2016 07:21 PM
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    Thanks Jerry! You're THE MAN. I'm going to go ahead and order the Lenovo through the link in the article.

    This should be an interesting adventure for me. I'm good with tools and machines, but I've never messed with hardware in a computer. It'll be my first experience with Ubuntu as well.

    I'll try to record the process here, just in case it can help somebody else down the road. I know a road map would make it easier for me.

    If anybody has a good idea about which specific RAM or SSD to order, I'd love some advice.
    The link from the article to SSD is here http://target.georiot.com/Proxy.ashx...UUacUdUnU52533 Transcend 128GB SATA III 6Gb/s MTS400 42 mm M.2 SSD Solid State Drive (TS128GMTS400)

    I would assume this is good to go for the Lenovo?
    The link to RAM is here http://target.georiot.com/Proxy.ashx...UUacUdUnU52533 But I have to manually select Crucial 8GB Single DDR3L 1600 MT/s (PC3L-12800) SODIMM 204-Pin Memory - CT102464BF160B

    Is the Crucial 8GB Single DDR3L what I should be using for the Lenovo? Or something else?
    10-07-2016 08:52 PM
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    You need a single stick of DDR3L (1.35volt) unbuffered non-ECC 204-pin RAM @ 1333 or 1600 MHz. The single stick kit on that page should work.

    The SSD needs to be a 22x42 (22mm wide by 42mm long) m.2 interface stick, The one in your link should be fine.

    Be sure to take lots of pictures Plenty of other people have upgraded the Lenovo, but nobody has taken pics of the inside and talked about how they did it. Would love to hear more about how it goes!
    10-08-2016 12:46 PM

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