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    VRS Design offers affordable, stylish, robust cases for a wide variety of smart phones. For this review I was given 3 cases to test out, all for the S7.

    Verge Series

    Rugged, tough, premium build, secure; these are just a few words I’d use to describe the Verge S7 case. The case feels really good in the hand, the ruggedness adds some confidence in the hands while holding the S7. It doesn’t add much weight to the phone, with the case coming in at 1.2 oz. The case is sock resistant; it has certified military grade drop protection encase you decide to launch the phone to the ground, or it happens to slip out of you fingers. The case comes in two layers; you have the impact resistant layer, which is a matte, soft rubber material followed by the hard frame.

    I’ve had many phone cases in my time, but the Verge Series case is up there at being a tough case for a fragile phone. Despite the case being strong and rugged, you get a very good premium finish to the case. It feels nice and sturdy in the hand, while managing to retain the S7’s premium look and feel.

    The Verge case protrudes by 1.5 mm around the phone, meaning the screen won’t come into contact with any surface if you’re lying it screen down. This is the case for you if you tend to drop your S7.

    VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-black-metal-front-angel.jpg VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-black-metal-back.jpg

    VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-black-mental-front.jpg

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Case Verge Series | VRS Design

    Single Fit Series

    What I liked about the Single fit case is the material; I’m a sucker for a matte finish. Sure, it won’t offer you nearly as much protection as the Verge Series, but it just feels better in the hand. It reminds me of holding my beloved Nexus 5, but better. It’s the lightest case that VRS sell, coming in at 1.0 oz – you’ll hardly notice any weight at all while holding the phone in this case.

    Round the sides of the phone you have metallic buttons, which provide you with instant feedback when pressing them. Not once did I press a button and be let down by the response.

    One thing that I instantly noticed is that the matte bodied case manages to remain fingerprint free. It’s such a welcome release not having to wipe the phone down using a piece of clothing. I also liked the precise cut outs for the speaker and charger – there were no overlaps.

    I like this case, it’s minimalistic, feels great in the hand, offers strong grip and will protect the phone if it falls. It also has a 1.5 mm protruding surface and back, which protects the screen and camera lens

    VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-black-soft-touch-front.jpg VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-black-soft-touch-back.jpg

    VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-black-soft-touch-side-2.jpg VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-black-soft-touch-side.jpg

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Single Fit Series | VRS Design

    Damda Clip Series

    Similar to the Layered Dandy case, the Damda Clip case offers an alternative way for you to carry the contents of your wallet. It uses a clip found at the back of the case, that can hold up to 8 cards (I tested) as well as actual money (notes) the clip is strong and tight, giving the impression that your cards will be safe if you decide to store them round the back.

    If I’m being honest I didn’t find myself using the clip feature for my cards all that much. What I did find it handy for though was being able to store cash notes. This is extremely useful if you are out shopping, having a night out in the pub / club or just out spending money!

    Apart from the clip offering, this is a really good, strong / sturdy case. It looks like it can take a battering. Weighing in at 1.7 oz it feels heavy to hold. Similar to the Verge case it has a certified military grade drop protection encase you drop the phone. It’s impact resistant, hard framed with an impact resistant layer so you know the phone will be safe if you drop it. With all VRS cases, it comes with a 1.5 mm protruding front, meaning if you’re the type to sit the phone face down on a table, it won’t get scratched.

    VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-clip-side.jpg VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-clip-back.jpg

    VRS Samsung Galaxy S7 case reviews-clip-front.jpg

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Case Damda Clip Series | VRS Design
    07-01-2016 04:06 PM
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    amazing review
    Thank you
    08-21-2016 09:13 AM

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