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    Our friends over at VRS Design was nice enough to send us some cases to review. Overall, the cases are similar in quality to Spigen or Caseology cases. They aren't as refined as Otterbox, Lifeproof or other high end cases, but those also cost a lot more. With the exception of the wallet case which came in a box, the remaining cases came in a generic gray plastic bag, which you can see in some of the review photos. Case needs are so wide because many people have different needs. I tried to point out what I thought was important, and also provide lots of pictures, so that you can see in detail what it looks like on the phone. The pictures where taken with and without flash, and I picked the ones that looked best.

    This particular review focuses on the Leather Wallet Case, but you can read my reviews on the other VRS cases here:

    S7 Edge Triple Mixx Case

    S7 Edge Crystal Bumper

    S7 Edge Single Fit Case

    S7 Edge Hi Pro Shield

    S7 Edge Crystal mixx clear Case
    06-24-2016 04:14 PM
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    S7 Edge Leather Wallet Case
    This is an attractive one piece leather wallet case. Please note that VRS identifies it as “PU leather”, PU meaning polyurethane, so it is essentially faux leather. I have the coffee brown version which has light brown stitching and looks very nice. Inside, there are three slots for cards. The case is also offered in Wine Red and Black colors. I have a black phone and think that the black version would probably be better suited, but that’s just personal preference.

    The phone fits into the case just fine and the holes for the volume and power buttons are appropriately sized. Note that the top and bottom are open. It has a very small lip at each of the corners. I am not sure if it would provide good drop protection if you drop the phone while using it. However, if the wallet case is closed, then protection should be decent. The Edges are easily accessible and it doesn’t interfere with my Zagg Invisible Shield HD screen protector. The case has a shiny coating which can be slippery. It feels comfortable in the hand when in use.

    I have also used this case for the 10 and Note 4, and the comments above apply to them as well.
    07-20-2016 01:55 PM

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