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    Tronfy Projector, every household needs one of these!

    Tronfy Projector review-20160919_180230_hdr.jpg

    The lovely people at Axgio sent us the Tronfy Full colour portable Projector to review and I was pleasantly surprised.

    Product Information:
    • Imaging Technology: TFT LCD
    • Brightness:1000 Lumens
    • Contrast:1000:1
    • Resolution:800*480RGB
    • Light: LED
    • Life Span:30000 hours
    • Lens: Multichip Coated Lens(F=125)
    • Throw Distance:1-4m
    • Screen Size:34-130 inches
    • Aspect Ratio:4:3/16:9
    • Colour Reproduction:16.7K
    • Power Voltage:100V-240V-50/60HZ
    • Integrated watt:50W(Max)
    • Input: USB * 2/SD/VGA/HDMI/AV
    • Output: earphone USB(5V-500MA)
    • Speaker: 8Ω *2W
    • System Support: Support multi-media
    • Language support: Support 23 Languages
    • Unit Size:188*146.5*54mm
    • Projector Ratio:1.4:1
    • Net Weight:0.9 KG

    Tronfy Projector review-20160919_180201.jpg

    The key thing to remember is this product cost £60/$70 – but it doesn’t feel cheap. The hardware itself is well designed; the device is sturdy but compact. On one side (the front) you’ll find the lens, just underneath the lens you’ll find an extendable foot to help increase / decrease the trajectory of whatever you’re viewing. On the right side you have the ports, ranging from SD card slots, USB, HDMI. On the other side you’ll find the power socket and a nifty push / pull lever to help adjust the focus.

    Tronfy Projector review-20160919_180239.jpg Tronfy Projector review-20160919_180315.jpg

    The projector has a built in speaker, which was decent enough in a room, but if you want something more powerful you can hook up a portable speaker, thanks to the headphone jack on the device.

    Image quality was good, don’t let 800x480p resolution put you off; images / videos were sharp, crisp, and well presented. Just make sure you have a smooth wall to beam it to. It helps the image quality if you have a dark room, but it’s not a necessity.

    The device comes with a handy manual, to help you navigate through the menu, but it was simple enough and took only a couple of minutes to familiarise myself with the layout. It also comes with a remote control, which is awesome – although the projector also has the necessary buttons on top of the device to help navigate.

    Tronfy Projector review-20160919_180410.jpg Tronfy Projector review-20160919_180455.jpg

    So far I’ve hooked my laptop / phone / SD card / USB Stick / Sky Q box all up to the projector and they’ve all worked well.

    I honestly couldn’t recommend this product more, it’s inexpensive, well designed, easy to use, great value for money and we’ve even got discounts valid until the 24th of Sept 16 for anyone who wants an extra 5% off.

    UK buyers - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tronfy-Port...cUvbUpU5429030 use code UUY6NCWC during check out.

    US Buyers - https://www.amazon.com/Tronfy-Portab...cUvbUpU5429030 use code YSKYEVQB during check out.

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