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    A mini, in-ear Bluetooth headset, with a mini price.

    About this review:

    Axgio sent over their Mini Pro bluetooth headset for me to review. I used the AXGIO Mini Pro headset with a Motorola Moto Z Force Droid. Audio was tested with Google Play Music and YouTube. Calls were over the Verizon network with Advanced Calling 1.0 enabled. Calls were made to other Verizon lines with and without Advanced Calling 1.0, other mobile lines with T-Mobile, and landlines.

    In the box:

    Axgio Mini Pro headset, micro USB cable for charging, micro USB cable earphone(for stereo), 4 ear clips, 10 sizes of ear tips, and a carrying case.


    The Axgio is intended to fit in your ear. Everyone’s ears are different but for me, I had no issues using it in that way - switching to one of the smaller ear tips. If it didn’t work, Axgio provides various ear clips to help. The plastic clips attach snug to the Mini Pro. Be careful though as I managed to snap one while trying to get it onto the headset.

    While not particularly a sport-focused headset, I did try jogging with the Mini Pro in my ear. At no point did it fall out, though it did feel like it could. If you use this while exercising, you may want to use one of the provided ear clips but your mileage may vary.

    Wearing the Mini Pro for multiple hours was fine and not cumbersome.


    Standard pairing here. Long press the Mini Pro’s multifunction button to get it into pairing mode and find it with your phone. As clunky as Bluetooth pairing can be, I had no issues here.

    Audio Quality:

    For such a tiny headset, I was impressed with the audio. I listened to a few EDM songs from Google Play Music as well as some podcast shows on YouTube. Audio was crisp with no distortion. Lows exceeded expectations and highs were clear.

    Want stereo sound? Plug in the provided micro USB earphone. Sound quality when used together was equal. I really like having this option.

    Call Quality:

    I made various test calls while paired with a Motorola Moto Z Force Droid on the Verizon network. I called other Verizon handsets, as well as a T-Mobile line and a landline. Call quality was consistent - callers came in loud and clear with no distortion and callers could hear me loud and clear.

    Battery Life and Charging:

    I streamed audio for about 4 hours straight before the Mini Pro died on me. For the size, I find that to be quite adequate. It took less than an hour to get a full charge.


    Axgio built a quality mini headset for a great price. I’m actually shocked that this is currently under $20.

    • Battery life good for the size.
    • Includes tons of options for fitment.
    • Surprisingly good audio quality.

    • A bit bulky for a mini.

    Buy at Amazon ($16.99 at the time of this review): http://amzn.to/2bUauwr

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    Well done!
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    Well done!
    Thank you!
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