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    Android has a ton of customization options and one of them is the ability to run custom launchers. There are a lot of custom launchers available today ranging from simple to advanced depending on what you are looking for in a launcher.

    Before diving into the details, first things first. You can install the Evie launcher from the Play Store here. You will need an android device that runs Android 4.4 and above to install the launcher.

    Evie Launcher falls into the simple category of android launchers. Evie launcher gives you the needed configurations to make the launcher your own and sits as a gateway to finding the information you want right from your home screen.

    Thanks to Google we are just a search away to find the information we want. What if the launcher helped you find that information you want by augmenting different sources and giving you the results without ever leaving your home screen. Evie does exactly that.

    First run experience
    The first run experience of the launcher gives you a good on-boarding experience that shows what you can do with Evie.

    I found it to be an useful and a delightful experience.

    Evie Launcher Review-evie-first-run-experience.jpg

    Once the initial setup is done, you get a simplistic minimal homescreen.

    Evie Launcher Review-evie-home.png

    Search and you shall get it
    Once all set, it isn’t any different to other launchers until you want to find something in the internet. With a simple swipe down gesture from your home screen, you get access to this powerful search that searches across different apps (and the internet) to give you the best results possible.

    For example, if you want to search for an attraction or a place, Evie can help you do so.
    Here, I am searching for seattle science and you can see Evie already shows me what I am looking for — Pacific Science Center.

    Tapping on the result, gives me a quick overview of the attraction, along with links to the web site and a direct call button. The search results page also augments information from other apps and gives direct links to directions, reviews and even to get a ride and buy tickets.

    Evie Launcher Review-evie-homescreen-search.jpg

    Similarly, you can search for movies, apps, restaurants etc., right from your home screen.

    The concept of augmenting results to help you find what you are looking for isn’t new but Evie delivers the results with a simplistic and intuitive experience that is easy to use.

    One thing to note is that Evie uses Google by default and there isn’t an option to change the default search engine.

    Personalization options
    Evie launcher provides few personalization options that many may find it just enough to personalize the launcher to your needs.

    To start with simple options, you can long tap the home screen which reveals options to change the wallpaper, add widgets and open settings.

    Settings is where you can find the interesting options. I quite like how they show a quick preview of the settings you choose so you know how the homescreen looks or behaves.

    Lets look at some of the personalization options.

    With the Homescreen, you can configure number of columns, rows, icon sizes and even icon labels (which is my favorite!).

    Evie Launcher Review-clbvtsqeodbfitsppylvm4wr2_ndhziepyx3snzsjor2h8shto3er6sys0ffh8omv43ukd8kxaccjwzfyrytfhsbckvx2ore.gif

    With the Dock, you can enable/disable the dock and configure number of columns, icon size, background and icon labels. Note that the dock is disabled by default.

    Evie Launcher Review-f_cvqucmabekqkdgw9qytlpdhqtrtmr6ysrf1djqy2-mpbw9pvegawql-5tcqrnvukqj5mghqwyrooa1ieomgqdjzvo0c6m.gif

    With the Icon pack, you can choose a custom icon pack for your launcher. What I like though is a quick link at the bottom that takes you to the Play Store to find more icon packs.

    Evie Launcher Review-wzshpjpgfdl92my7yfseti9czuime1aabirpupdf_cngsxexcvcvtysfkp_1jgd9frssklxqheb4opz9_hfzpdnkzlawrnhb.gif

    App drawer
    Evie allows two app drawer styles — List and Grid — and uses the Nougat style gesture, swipe up from the bottom of the homescreen, to open the app drawer.

    You can configure the style either right from the app drawer or from the settings.

    Evie Launcher Review-evie-app-drawer-options.jpg

    Many launchers support gestures and Evie does too. However, it is limited in the options. When writing this review, Evie has only 3 gestures. I find these gestures to be nothing but basic, providing access to the key stuff like Google Now and search.

    Evie Launcher Review-evie-gestures-options.png

    I hope Evie will add support for more gestures in the upcoming versions as gestures helps to perform various actions without cluttering your homescreen setup.

    Backup and restore options
    Evie provides a simple backup and restore option incase you switch devices or mess up your existing setup. It uses your Google account to store the setup in the cloud.

    Evie Launcher Review-evie-backup-restore.png

    Final thoughts
    Overall, Evie launcher is simple and intuitive with a great setup that allows you to personalize your device to your needs. Be it applying custom icon packs or customizing the homescreen layout or finding the information you are seeking for, Evie makes it simple and easy to use.

    Give it a try today and let us know what you think!

    If you are interested, you can also join their beta program and get access to latest and greatest features.
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    yeah i love the futuristic, good looking launcher. its beautiful.
    seem's abit like ios on iphone.
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    08-27-2017 07:29 AM
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    Is there a way to turn off the search bar? That's the 1st thing I do when I get a new phone/launcher.
    03-23-2018 12:54 PM

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