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    Excellent surface protection, minimalistic style, and a case that doesn’t ruin the form factor of your Pixel XL; if these are the features you’re looking for in a case, then look no further. As part of the Community Review team, I have had the pleasure of testing out and showcasing Peel’s Pixel XL case. It’s a refreshing product that stands out from the competition, and leaves me interested in trying more of them!

    Peel Case - Pixel XL-img_2960.jpg
    Peel Case - Pixel XL-img_2962.jpg

    Price – Currently, $24.99 plus shipping.

    Background – Peel is relatively new to the phone case scene, starting out about 4-years ago with the mission to create a quality, but minimalistic device case (according to their website). Their mission was to make a case that didn’t ruin the good looks of the phone, but still offered solid protection from bumps, scratches and light drops. I believe that they have accomplished these goals.

    The Look - The Peel case was surprising out of the box. At first glance, it does seem a little thin, and even bendy whenever I was trying to put the phone into the case. However, once I got the case installed, it fit like a glove. There is definitely more than meets the eye with this case. It may appear thin, but it utilizes a solid surface density concept which creates it’s strength from the form fitting design, coupled with a tough exterior. If any of you have ever dreamed of having a phone skin that also protects the phone, this is definitely for you. We aren’t living in 2014 anymore, and many companies have shied away from the giant, bulky cases of old. Peel takes it to the next level. The Peel case comes in at an amazing 0.35mm of thickness, which makes it feel like it’s part of the phone. There is no added weight, or form modifying density, just pure form fitting goodness! Also, they come in a wide variety of colors!

    The Feel – Honestly, you can hardly tell it’s there. One of the great features that I like is that it’s slightly translucent, and it doesn’t have any branding on it. Peel believes that “minimalism is beautiful”, and so do I. Phones already have manufacturer’s logos on them, plus carrier branding… it’s nice to have a case on the phone that helps the form factor to stand out, and doesn’t throw another label on it. Extra branding makes me feel like I’m carrying around a minivan during the presidential election – no more bumper stickers! Additionally, it’s refreshing and welcoming to have a case that doesn’t hide the physique and feel of the device. For too long, I’ve had phones that are gorgeous and have a great design, only to be hidden under millimeter after millimeter of rubber and plastic. I really love the approach that Peel has taken with its cases. Also, as you can see, the volume and power buttons are easily accessible.

    Peel Case - Pixel XL-img_2964.jpg
    Peel Case - Pixel XL-img_2965.jpg
    Peel Case - Pixel XL-img_2966.jpg
    Peel Case - Pixel XL-img_2970.jpg

    The Texture – There is a bit of a texture to the case. It’s not grippy, but it does a heck of a lot better than the soap bar finish on the Pixel XL, itself. I’m a guy, so naturally my hands are kind of dry, so this only amplifies the slickness of most devices. The first thing I do when I get a device is have a screen protector and a case ready to go. It was still a little more slippery than I prefer, but other people who checked it out said that the texture was nice, so you may or may not like it. All in all, it definitely won’t get stuck in your pocket, but I wouldn’t put your phone in any compromising situations that may encourage it to take a nosedive.

    Peel Case - Pixel XL-img_2974.jpg
    Peel Case - Pixel XL-img_2973.jpg

    Protection – The protection that the Peel case provides is excellent for surface protection and abrasion, but don’t play Frisbee with it. The minimalistic approach is great for form factor, but it compromises on impact and drop protection. It will survive anything that the phone would survive on it’s own, minus the scratches and abrasions. However, it’s no Otterbox or LifeProof case, so be careful – as you should. It’s an $800 phone! However, from my experience and encounters, the finish on the Pixel XL is naturally not very resistant to wear and tear, so this is a huge upgrade! You can feel safe using the Peel case as a daily driver, and for casual protection of the phone’s exterior.

    Summary - All in all, I love this case! It’s classy, it shows off the phone, and it protects it. Will it protect it from falling bricks or meteors? No. But you don’t have to worry about your car keys, Mentos, or loose change causing damage to the phone surface. The caveat to this, make sure you put a screen protector on the device as well. If you’re going to take the steps to protect your device, spend the extra couple of bucks and throw a nice tempered glass screen protector on it. You’ll thank me, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run – End Public Service Announcement (PSA). Moral of the story; if you want a case that doesn’t feel like a case, is great for professional and casual situations and doesn’t obstruct the use or physique of the device, I highly recommend checking out Peel’s selection of cases, especially for the Pixel XL.

    Peel Case - Pixel XL-img_2976.jpg

    Recommendation – A solid buy!

    - Looks sharp!
    - Minimalistic approach provides quality protection and doesn’t sacrifice form factor
    - It’s great for professionals because it slides right into coat and pants pockets, and it just looks classy.
    - Provides surface protection from normal wear and tear

    - N cheap, but not expensive – It’s definitely not a budget case
    - Not much protection from drops
    - The texture is not as grippy as some, but it’s better than the phone’s natural finish.
    - Not available for all devices – limited to Pixel/Pixel XL, iPhone, and iPad (Air and Mini)

    Go check out Peel’s selection of fancy, low-profile cases at https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=3dmaQGIh. They have a wide variety of cases for both the Pixel, Pixel XL, and iPhone devices, as well as iPads. If you have one already or have any questions, feel free to sound off in the comments!
    04-17-2017 11:04 PM
  2. Jason Cockerham's Avatar
    Great review man. I'm so glad you like these cases! They're certainly a personal favorite.
    Aquila likes this.
    04-19-2017 02:03 PM
  3. Aquila's Avatar
    I really like your review. It's one of the first ones that I've read in a long time they didn't leave me with a bunch of questions and I had to go look up. I think this case might have been exactly what I'm looking for and so I went and ordered a blue one for my blue pixel XL. Great work man
    Jason Cockerham likes this.
    04-19-2017 02:24 PM
  4. Adam Matlock's Avatar
    Thanks. Yeah, it's a super awesome case. It was a pleasure.
    Jason Cockerham likes this.
    04-19-2017 03:05 PM
  5. Adam Matlock's Avatar
    I really like your review. It's one of the first ones that I've read in a long time they didn't leave me with a bunch of questions and I had to go look up. I think this case might have been exactly what I'm looking for and so I went and ordered a blue one for my blue pixel XL. Great work man
    Thanks! Glad I could help out. You'll have to let me know what your thoughts are when it arrives. Enjoy!
    Jason Cockerham likes this.
    04-19-2017 03:05 PM
  6. garak0410's Avatar
    I go between this and an Otterbox commute. The Peel is my daily case and I take the Commuter for outdoors or vacations.
    Jason Cockerham likes this.
    05-10-2017 08:03 AM

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