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    The Moto G5 Plus is a fantastic budget phone and maybe you want to protect it. Or maybe you have the same love/hate relationship with aluminum body phones as I do. Here's the thing about aluminum body phones, they look great, they look amazing. However...most of the time they are smooth, which means a lack of texture, and a lack of grip. The easiest way to fix this issue is to buy a case for your phone. Luckily the Moto G5 has a few options available despite being a budget phone, and the great part about that is that even the cases from the big name brands also come at budget prices. In this case, we're talking about Spigen and the Rugged Armor case for the G5 Plus.

    The Rugged Armor is a rubberized TPU case with ever present Spigen design inside the case. I like to call it globe lines. On the back of the case at the top and bottom, you have some faux carbon fiber portions that accent the black of the body nicely. Aside from that, the case is a smooth matte black broken only by the Spigen logo on the back. As is the case with Spigen (pun intended), all the cutouts are done perfectly, and the buttons on the case itself are as smooth as can be adding some nice tactile feedback. The headphone jack and charging port cutouts are large enough that you can use whatever headphones or charging cables you want. There is even a nice lip over the front of the phone to protect your screen from drops and let's you place your phone screen down without concern.

    The Rugged Armor's rubberized TPU is soft and adds a great level of comfortability to your G5 Plus. Where before the G5 Plus felt slim and slippery it is now soft and grippy. While the case itself is very light, once it is on the phone it adds a small amount of weight that feels just right. Having this added weight and grip makes the handling of the G5 Plus so much better than it is without a case. It's a night and day difference. Unfortunately, due to the smooth matte black of the case, all the grease, all of it, will show. At a price I wish I could get iPhone cases for, the Spigen Rugged Armor is simply a fantastic choice for the Moto G5 Plus.

    Spigen Rugged Armor Review (Moto G5 Plus)-dsc_0200.jpg

    The Good
    •Great grip

    The Bad
    •Adds some minor bulk to your phone
    •Will show grease
    •Only comes in black

    Spigen Rugged Armor Review (Moto G5 Plus)-dsc_0199.jpg
    Spigen Rugged Armor Review (Moto G5 Plus)-dsc_0201.jpg

    The Spigen Rugged Armor isn't going to add a lot of bulk to your Moto G5 Plus, it will however greatly increase the grip you have on your phone. For such a low price, $12 at the time of this review, it would be really, really, really hard for me not to recommend this case. Spigen makes great cases, and this is no exception.

    You can purchase the Spigen Rugged Armor for the Moto G5 Plus from Amazon.
    05-05-2017 07:53 PM

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