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    Meiigoo Note 8 Review:

    Calls : No lags and smooth voice.
    Internet browsing : No lags and very fast internet site download (if you have 4G connection or 3G has good too).
    Build quality : Very good quality frame.
    Cameras: Fast shutter speed, very detailed, and shutter button .
    UI: Very fast and responsible.
    Memory: 64GB internal +256GB Extendable
    Display: perfect sized and good resolution.
    Screen Video Recorder.

    No Flash light for Front Camera
    No NFC support
    Average Battery capacity.

    Picture:From Top to Bottom
    1) Unbox
    2) Camera quality in Day light
    3) In low light
    4) Boken effects
    5) Selfie
    6) Adaptor
    7) Android Nougat.
    Attached Thumbnails Meiigoo Note 8 Smartphone Review-unbox.jpg   Meiigoo Note 8 Smartphone Review-daypic.jpg   Meiigoo Note 8 Smartphone Review-img-20130915-00706.jpg   Meiigoo Note 8 Smartphone Review-bokeh.jpg   Meiigoo Note 8 Smartphone Review-selfie.jpg  

    Meiigoo Note 8 Smartphone Review-adaptor.jpg   Meiigoo Note 8 Smartphone Review-screenshot_20170116-064341.png  
    01-25-2018 03:06 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Interesting. They're just blatantly admitting that it's a Samsung Galaxy Note8 ripoff?
    01-25-2018 04:18 PM

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