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    I have been using Chromebooks for several years. It was an Acer with a 10" screen. I used it downstairs as an Internet appliance. Worked great. Loved it.

    When my PC finally died, I decided to wean myself away from Microsoft. I have retired and did not think I needed the type of horsepower that came with the PC and the MS Office Suite.

    However, I had a really nice Samsung monitor and while I knew I could get a bigger and better Chromebook, a Google Rep at a local Best Buy told me I should get a Chromebox. I said great, I can keep my monitor and use a Chromebox. He said Best Buy does not carry them but Amazon does.

    Found the Chromebox M004U with an upgrade to a 4 gb ram card. Paid the $200.00 and was thrilled to see the box, with the Asus security tape intact, at my door. Plugged it it, turned it on and I was thrilled.

    Eight months later I noticed my external speaker had an annoying hum. Attached that speaker to my Chromebook, no hum. Attached a different speaker to my Chromebox, it began to hum.

    Called Asus and they told me to ship it to them as it was in the warranty period. They sent me an email telling me the 4 gb ram was not a genuine Asus part thereby voiding the warranty. I could pay them $100.00 to fix it.

    Nope, send it back. Contacted Amazon seller and asked for my money back because they sold me a "new" Chromebox with a 4gb upgrade. They never responded.

    Back to Asus and showed them a photo of the label at the bottom of the box. It said it was a new Chromebox. They said the reseller changed the ram and did not use a genuine Asus part thereby voiding the warranty.

    Asus then told me, while they allow their resellers to make such upgrades, they have no policy that requires genuine Asus parts to be used. Naturally, that voids the warranty.

    Since the product arrived with Asus secuirty tape intact, then the only people that benifit from this is Asus. I yelled fraud.

    After I contacted my local consumer protection office, Asus got back to me and said they would repair my Chromebox at no charge. They would also provide free shipping. I got back the repaired Chromebox. Asus replaced a faulty audio port and installed a SSD 16Gb drive. They did not change the ram card.

    But here is my problem. How do I trust a company that knows their policy will void a warranty? Asus delivers a sealed box with a 2gb ram card to the reseller, the reseller cuts the security tape, swaps out the ram for a 4gb card, seals the box with security box and sends it to me. As the consumer, I think I've got a brand new factory sealed product.

    So, be careful when you buy an Asus product, the fact it has the Asus security tape affixed, does not guarantee it has a warranty.

    Anyone want to buy a recently repaired Chromebox? I'll be happy to get this Asus badged item out of my house.
    02-23-2018 08:08 PM

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