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    Poptel P60

    Poptel brand is born in 2018 and only focus on rugged devices at the moment, the current models included P9000 Max, P10, P8, and P60. Now, in my hands, it’s P60, the latest devices from Poptel.

    Package and design

    The smartphone comes in a black box. Inside, its accessories were put in two boxes separately.

    One small box contains the charger, another one contains USB cable and earphone adapter. Additionally, there is one tempered glass film provided in a small envelope, different from normal protect film, the glass film is more tough and durable. In the envelope, there are user manual and a small special tool used for opening the SIM card holder.

    Most of the rugged smartphones have their own symbolical appearance, so does the Poptel P60. The P60 comes with three colors: red, green and orange. And only 2 accents on the back and on the front under the display show the color. It is the color that makes the phone shine. What I show you is the Green one. This device has a durable metal frame, plastic corner edges, suspending border and glass design on the back. I like this unusual design and good appearance.
    The location of the buttons here is quite standard. On the left side, there is a SIM tray, which can be dragged by a fingernail. 2 Nano-SIM or 1 Nano and a Micro-SD for memory expansion fit into the sled.

    The volume and power button are placed on the right side. Besides, lower these 2 control keys there are 2 additional buttons which activate only a long press. The upper one is the customized button, can be set to link other apps or actions, like SOS or Zello or some others. The lower one is the camera button, which means that it can open the camera directly after a long press. So it is pretty convenient to take photos underwater. Poptel has also considered this, in case it is easy to accidentally activate the buttons, so you need to press it for a long time. Very thoughtful!

    Especially, the Micro-USB port at bottom of the phone is normal and no port plug, it’s really waterproof because of its advanced technology and real IP68 rating. There is no need to check whether the waterproof plug works well underwater, also no trouble replacing the port plug again and again. In addition, charging is very convenient.

    the earphone port with 3.5mm jack on the top of the device is a little deep, but Poptel sends a free earphone adapter in the package.
    The fingerprint sensor is located on the back and unlocks the phone within a second. Face-unlock is available to unlock the device as well, which is completely unlock the phone even a wearing hat.


    The 5.7-inch IPS display is characterized by a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 18: 9. Due to its design, the margins around the display are correspondingly large, so that the Poptel P60 looks bigger than normal 6-inch. So the screen is very decent, bright, rich, clear and with large viewing angles. The 5-point touch screen is quite accurate and quick.
    The front side is covered with Gorilla glass, protect it from any damages. At the left top is a red light, it lights only when charging and not for notifications.

    a Software

    Running a customized operating system based on Android 8.1, the Poptel P60 has an intelligent interface. Different from other rugged smartphones, it adds some private systems except normal apps, like Freezer and Privacy System. The system runs smoothly. Everything goes well so far.


    The heart of the Poptel P60 is an octa-core MediaTek Helio P23 processor operating at up to 2.0GHz. Also there are 128GB ROM and 6GB RAM of permanent memory, which offers plenty of room for multitasking and you do not have to push it that fast. The 16nm processor is energy efficient, optimizing system to provide decent performance. The hardware, combined with good optimization gives more than enough for comfortable everyday use.


    The two rear cameras consist of a 16-megapixel Samsung 3P3 Sensor and a 5-megapixel sensor. Optics has an aperture of f / 2.2, autofocus is phase. Daytime shots taken on the Poptel P60, come out good. The color rendition and white balance are correct, long-range plans are clear and fast autofocus

    [CENTER]Surprisingly, Poptel P60 has an incredible amount of photography modes in one smartphone. there are so many photo-taking modes. The amazing intelligent photo algorithms helps shoot more beautiful and interesting photos, for example: the Face-age Photographing Gender, age identification is based on artificial intelligence algorithm; As for Smiling Face photographing, the camera can automatically detect the people smile to take photos; And numerous Beauty and Cute Plus, like Buffing, Skin whitening, Face-lift, Bigeye, Beauty Plus and Cute Plus video etc.

    The smartphone is able to record video in maximum resolution Full HD with 30 frames per second. There is no stabilization, the focusing is automatic, the quality of the picture and the soundtrack is at a good level.


    The battery of the device has a capacity of 5000 mAh. It works well. There is no problem to use it normally for 4-5 days. As for the power consumption for one-hour gaming is 10%, which is quite high considering the 5000 mAh battery. The smartphone is not noticeably warm after an hour of gaming.

    Rugged smartphone is considered for men mostly. However, among numerous smartphones, Poptel P60 is suitable for both men and women for its incredible durability and stylishness.
    01-29-2019 09:38 AM
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    Final Verdict: it was in my use for the last two and a half month. I would say that Poptel introduced the excellent rugged smartphone with perfect balanced hardware and software. for its price, I can't imagine such a great performance smartphone. if you are looking for a rugged smartphone with wireless charging, powerful processor, great camera quality, NFC, FACE ID, and AI technology. it is a truly toughest smartphone because my daughter threw it on the floor many times and not affected the performance and body.
    04-16-2019 12:09 PM

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