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    I've purchased a few different keyboard cases for my new Note 8.0.

    The Zagg Folio has by far the best keyboard that allows me to touchtype just as I would on a full size keyboard. The only problem is that certain key commands & functionalities are not the same as the other cheaper Chinese keyboards.

    For example, the Back key does not actually activate the Back command in Chrome, just as the Note 8.0's Back key would function within Chrome and the other keyboards with Back keys function. Also, the Alt + Up / Down keys do not page up / down as the other keyboards do in Chrome. It's not possible for me to page up / down with the Zagg Folio keyboard, even tho the keys say the same exact thing. However, Alt + Tab works on the Zagg to switch between open apps, but that command does not work on the other keyboards.

    Why are the same keys functioning differently between different hardware keyboards. It doesn't make any sense that the same keys would act logically different, does it??

    Also, is there a way to remap hardware keys in Android?
    04-06-2014 01:05 PM

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