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    Two things in life that are not synonymous with one another: me, and selfies. To say that I never take selfies is pretty much the truth in a nutshell. However, in the name of science, and to review a product that I thought that people would genuinely be interested in, I took a giant departure from the norm and decided to review a selfie stick. However, I would not subject myself to something like this for just any selfie stick. This selfie stick is not only useful for selfies; it's is also great for getting a great angle for some video, and using the built-in tripod to get some shots in places that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get them. Now that I’ve spooled this up enough, let’s talk about the BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick.

    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_0838.jpg

    Selfie Stick Time: Ok. Having laid the foundation for my complete lack of selfie-ness, let’s get to the product. All of my clamoring about not being a selfie person is actually very relevant! “How so?” you might ask? Well, the main reason it’s important is because it lets you know from the get-go that this is a) totally unbiased, and b) objective – two things that are entirely important when it comes to reviews. With this product, I went the extra mile and took quite a few pictures to test it out. I took regular selfies, group selfies, and I even used the telescoping rod to shoot some video at my son’s football game – which was nifty. Even if you aren’t a “selfie” person, there is a lot of real-world application with this accessory. For day-to-day activities, it’s a bit much to carry around unless you have a backpack or a purse/bag of some sort. However, if you’re going out on the town, hitting up a concert or some other sweet venue, then this is almost a “must have” if you want to get some sweet pics and video that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to snap.

    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_0840.jpg
    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_0843.jpg

    Key Features:
    - Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity for up to 30ft of range
    - Multi-angle rotation (the camera mount rotates around completely)
    - 50,000 selfies per charge
    - Recharges in 30 minutes – works for up to 40hrs on one charge
    - Support large phones (including the iPhone XS Max and Note 9)

    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_0846.jpg

    How does it work? The BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick works using a tiny little rechargeable Bluetooth remote that pops in and out of the tripod mount (MicroUSB). This is really cool because it enables you to prop your phone up on the tripod and step away and use the remote to take a selfie, or a cool shot that you would otherwise need someone else to take the picture for you. In addition to being able to stand up on the tripod legs, the telescoping rod that is attached the handle will reach out up to 35”, which is uncanny – especially when you combine it with a wide-lens selfie camera. Being able to have an ultra-long reaching selfie stick, paired with a Bluetooth remote is fantastic, and really opens up a lot of options when you’re out and about by yourself, or with friends. And if that’s not enough, the mount even rotates to many different angles, so you can live your best selfie life!

    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_0848.jpg
    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_0849.jpg
    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_0851.jpg

    Performance: I think the thing that really impressed me the most was the ability to reach out so far and still retain great control and movement over my phone, which is all thanks to the rugged construction. The selfie stick is built well, and the design is solid. Not only can it extend your reach up to 35”, it can also collapse down into a hand-sized accessory, which is easy to carry around in your backpack or bag. The Bluetooth button has a built-in rechargeable battery, so all you need to do is make sure you top it off every once in a while, (the battery is included). To turn on the selfie stick, all you have to do is hold the shutter button for three (3) seconds. To turn it off, you do the same – hold the button for three (3) seconds. I tested the selfie stick out with my brand-new OnePlus 6T, and it paired quickly, and was able to work without any hiccups.

    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_20181103_125706.jpg
    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_20181103_125714.jpg

    Real World Applicability: Selfie cameras aren’t just for selfies, and neither are selfie sticks. Sure, if you’re using the front-facing camera then 10 out of 10 times, you’ll likely be the object of the picture – or at least in it. However, the selfie stick can do so much more than just take traditional selfies. Like I mentioned above, the extra-long reach gives you some great pano-shots, and really allows you to get the background – and other people – in the photo. In addition to selfies, you can always use the rear-facing camera and hold the selfie stick out to get pictures of situations or objects that you would never be able to reach with your bare hands. It’s also great with taking video! Not only does the shutter button work for the camera, but it will also activate the video camera if your phone is set in “video” mode. I tested this out personally at my son’s soccer game today and was able to get some good footage. It would be nice if it were stabilized a bit more for optimum stillness while recording, but all-in-all it worked just fine.

    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_20181103_143834.jpg
    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_20181103_143853.jpg
    [REVIEW] BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick-img_20181103_143913.jpg

    Conclusion: Like I said, I’m not a selfie taker, but the BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick really helped me to enjoy taking a few selfies, as well as get some really cool shots. I was able to get some family photos, individual selfies, and even a video clip or two, and it worked out really well. It’s built well, it’s practical, and it’s definitely the first selfie stick to actually impress me – much less inspire me to review it. If you’re interested in picking one of these guys up, you can find them for ($30.99), which I think is pretty reasonable for the versatility of this selfie stick.

    If you’re interested in picking up one of these super sleek and helpful selfie sticks, you can find them on BlitzWolf’s website, which redirects you to Amazon for purchase - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GR3G73R...cUvbUpU6389726 - The BlitzWolf Tripod Selfie Stick is available for $30.99, and qualifies for Amazon Prime 2-day shipping. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section.
    11-04-2018 12:48 AM

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