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    Dashboard Cameras (AKA “Dash Cams”) seem to be all the rage right now, and for plenty of good reasons. They help to protect you from liability in the event of an accident, they catch people who bump into the hood of your car, and they allow you to record video clips of the road while you sing your favorite songs while you’re heading down the interstate. In all fairness, they’re pretty cool, and they’re really useful! This is by far the most advanced dash cam that I have reviewed, and the dual-camera setup is definitely unique, and very useful. It allows you to record 1080p video from the front and back of the car at the same time, which is nifty. Want to learn more? Let’s take a closer look at the AUKEY DR03 Dual Dash Camera.

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_083748.jpg

    Overview: The AUKEY Dual Dash Camera is a novel piece of technology that allows you to keep a bird’s eye view on the front and back of your car when you’re driving, parked, or away from the vehicle. The cameras work together in a tandem setup and are connected VIA a very long MicroUSB cable (provided). It involves running wires around in your car, but the end result is a pretty fancy experience. The main camera (front) hangs from the windshield inside your car, and the rear camera is mounted on your back window. The cameras also record while you’re driving, or parked – and even when your car is turned off if it detects motion (when enabled). It’s MicroUSB powered and has a cord that runs up to the camera keeping it powered while the car is in operation, or even in standby mode if you’re A/C outlet stays powered. The standard operating mode is loop-recording, which can be set for either 3, 5- or 10-minutes increments, and continuously records the entire time the camera is on. It also initiates a recording whenever the camera detects varying degrees of impact or sharp turns, which can be adjusted for varying sensitivity from low to high. If you’re not sure what loop recording is, it’s the way that the camera records footage onto the storage device. Each recording session will be recorded in chronological order until the storage is full and then it will start back over with the oldest recording, thus enabling you to never really run out of the ability to record. However, as I mentioned, it will start recording over older videos once the storage is full, so you want to be aware of this and offload any important clips that you may want to keep. The dash cam also has “Night Vision” mode, which allows you to record night-time footage.

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_083839.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_083954.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_084010.jpg

    Function: The Dual Dash Camera is very straight-forward and easy to use. As you can see from the included pictures, there are only four buttons on this bad boy. It has an “emergency” button, which enables you to initiate an emergency recording that lasts for 30 seconds – which is handy if you want catch someone’s license plate or an accident on the road while you’re driving. There are up and down buttons, which enable you to initiate a full-length recording based on the loop setting, as well as navigate through the options menu. Finally, there is the “Ok” button, which allows you to make changes within the user interface and change settings. Like I said… very simple; and simple is good! The cameras can also be used in tandem, or you can disconnect the rear camera and use the front camera by itself – this opens up different resolution options. When you are using both cameras, you are limited to 1080p at 30FPS. The menu settings are also easy to navigate through and change to your individual preferences. You can turn audio on or off, – of course this will impact file size – you can include watermarking, so the date and time is included in the video. I do need to mention one thing though… the camera does not have a built-in battery. I was a little surprised at first, but it’s not the end of the world because it connects VIA MicroUSB and works really well if you’re A/C outlet remains powered while your car is off – if it doesn’t, then you won’t be able to enjoy the motion sensor feature that this camera setup offers. The lack of battery isn’t a show stopper, but it is a curious design decision now that AUKEY is entering into $199 – currently on sale for $169 - territory for a dash camera setup. Sure, it does have extra capabilities and the dual-camera setup is nice, but it really does need to have a battery. Last but not least, the cameras have several ways that you can fasten it inside your car. Unfortunately, there is only one suction-cup based mount and it only fits the front-facing camera, which means that there’s no way around having to use 3M tape to install the rear-facing camera – another curious design choice. The suction-cup based mount does work well though and it connects directly to the camera and pivots on two different axis, enabling you to achieve the optimum viewing angle. The mount connects directly to the camera so that nothing has to be permanently affixed inside your car. And if the suction cup doesn’t work for you, there is an additional mount which has a 3M adhesive patch on the bottom, so you can mount it on your windshield.

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_084029.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_084052.jpg

    - It has a Sony CMOS sensor built into the camera (Sony Exmor IMX323) – same as the DR01
    - A live-feed 2.7” LCD screen (can be turned on or off while driving)
    - A 170-degree lens for the front-facing camera (160-degree for the rear)
    - 1080p Full-HD video recording at 30FPS, and 720p recording up to 60FPS (Front Camera Only)
    - When in Dual Mode, you can only record in 1080p at 30FPS – no other options are available
    - Recording Modes: Loop, Motion Detection, Time-Lapse, and Emergency Recording
    - MicroSD support up to 128gb – Class 10
    - The cameras connect using a 7M (23ft) MicroUSB Cable --- it’s huge.
    - The Dashboard Camera has no internal storage.
    - The Dashboard Camera has no internal battery
    - The USB charger has dual charging slots on it
    - Comes with 6 cable clips to position the cables out of the way
    - Comes with 4 spare 3M stickers and a trim removal tool for installation

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_084128.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_084230.jpg

    Screen Modes: One additional nifty feature of the Dual Dash Camera is that the display monitor has three (3) different viewing options - technically four if you turn the screen off. You can view the camera output in three different ways though. By default the monitor will show the front camera and rear camera at the same time. The front camera will take up about 75% of the screen, and a small window (25%) will be in the top-left corner. The Second mode will only display the front-facing camera. The Third mode will only show the rear-facing camera. It's quite nifty and can come in handy. I wouldn't recommend using the rear camera as a backup camera, but it is helpful in seeing what's behind you! The overall functionality on this thing is great!

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_085628.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_085651.jpg

    Conclusion: All in all, the AUKEY Dashboard Camera does a great job. It’s really nice having the peace of mind that you have an added layer of personal protection while you’re driving around town, and even when you’re away from your vehicle. It’s especially exceptional when you leave Motion Detection mode on so that it starts recording when you’re away from your car if something passes in front of the camera – sensitivity can be adjusted of course. The AUKEY Dashboard Camera is well-priced for a fully functional 1080p dual-camera device ($199 MSRP – currently on sale for $169) and it’s also backed by AUKEY’s 24-month warranty! So, if you’re in the market for picking up a dash cam, I think that the AUKEY Dashboard Camera is well worth the consideration.

    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_085508.jpg
    [REVIEW] AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03)-img_20181117_085753.jpg

    If you’re interested in picking up the AUKEY Dual Dash Camera (DR03), you can find them for $199.99 (currently on sale for $169.99) on Amazon.com - https://www.amazon.com/AUKEY-Wide-An...cUvbUpU6403631 - and they also qualify for Prime free 2-day shipping, which is nice. The Dual Dash Camera only comes in one color: black. Thinking about getting one or have a question? Feel free to leave it down in the comment section.
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