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    DAMN! OK so where to start. I rooted using Ginerbreak. I was trying to install CWM when i bricked the phone I used the information on this thread to get the phone back into a usable state I noticed that the IMEI changed to zeros. The phone wants to go through the activation process and tries to connect to verizon instead of Cricket.

    I want to restore the IMEI back to what is on the box. Since i failed to install CWM before flashing a rom to the phone I do not have any kind of backups

    I have found multiple custom roms that I can successfully flash on the phone but they all want to connect to verizon.

    ultimately I followed directions here on reverting to stock. I get the boot animation for cricket, when i go to the mobile and network settings and choose system select i get the option of cricket only and automatic. if i choose automatic it roams and connects to verizon. if i choose cricket only, it never gets any reception and doesnt allow me to attempt activation.

    any help would rock!
    11-28-2011 12:12 PM