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    I rooted my android and went ahead and got ROM Manager/ClockworkMod to flash and back up everything. Then I decided to install a custom ROM made for my android. Obviously you wipe everything on the device and factory reset to install the ROM with ClockworkMod. Now I'm curious as to how to go about putting ROM Manager back on my device since its not there after the wipe? I know that ClockworkMods functions still work as a reboot/flash/restore tool on start up because it's still embedded in the device, but do I just go ahead and re-install ROM Manager so I have the App on my App list/Home screen? Is there really no need to have ROM Managers functions anymore from the app and just access ClockworkMod by booting with special key functions? ROM Manager did install ClockworkMod for me so I'm just wondering.

    I ask this because I have put ROM Manager back on the device but when I go to open it, I get the error 'process com.koushikdutta.rommanager has stopped unexpectedly.' This might be because of the custom ROM and its not compatible OR there are traces of ROM Manager from before the wipe and it's interfering with it. No idea. Any kind of info on this would help Thanks.
    04-05-2014 07:18 PM

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