1. E_Cross's Avatar
    So when is Dell going to release a streak 7 that isn't made out of lead and have an update to the 1989 og Gameboy screen they threw on it, I am sure as crap glad I got mine through a awesome work deal for $100.

    I was ready to thermite it before honeycomb, barely usable pos, I actually am quite fond of it with honeycomb, and I am serious when I say I would thermite it... ( forgive my friends for making the traditional person in background statements, but ya...)

    The other thing that suprised me was the screen exploding after a few inch fall onto concrete, nothing buffering the screen from the side impacts that are Gorilla glasses kryptonite, Dell replaced it after 80 hours on the phone (even with my replacement plan)

    It's built well runs great, the otterbox for it has got to be one of the best cases made for any device.

    There are just so many fall short bits on it...
    03-07-2012 10:36 AM