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    Dell Streak 7 - Android 2.2.2 (with T-Mobile overlay but unlocked; used only on Wi-Fi since purchased used 2012)
    Around October 20, 2015, I used the Clean Master application (from Google Play) to clean the Dell Streak 7. I am fairly certain that I did not remove any files necessary to the general functioning of the operating system, since all applications seem to work correctly. However, almost immediately afterward, I began to get the "Your tablet is getting low on storage space" message. After two or three weeks, the message disappeared, and has only resurfaced twice since, for 1 hour or less each time. Additionally, I cannot download any applications from Google Play, as I get a message stating "insufficient storage space", yet the tablet shows 184 MB of storage space available.

    Dell Streak 5 - Android 2.0 (with O2 overlay from UK, but unlocked; purchased used in 2012.)
    On 11-22-15, I turned on the Dell Streak 5, to find the sync icon, indicating that it could not complete syncing, showing on the upper right corner notification area. I also received continuous, multiple popup messages stating "system exception", "stopped unexpectedly", "close app" for Google Play, Google Services Framework, Android email and other applications, without trying to open any of them. The Dell Streak 5 was turned off on the day I cleaned the Dell Streak 7, and has been turned off since before that day until today. Since the two devices are synced / linked to each other, could the cleanup of the Dell Streak 7 have created the current problem in the Dell Streak 5?

    Would resetting the devices to their original factory settings resolve the problems each one has? Would doing this remove all the applications I installed?
    11-22-2015 05:12 PM

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