11-25-2016 01:04 PM
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  1. omegafiler's Avatar
    Yeah, still quite happy with mine. One of the few tablets that I'm probably going to keep for a while. Still primarily used for games & media consumption, with some occasional productivity. Android and small screen can be a limit sometimes.

    Only real negative for me has been that it is a tad bulky/heavy compared to traditional tablets. You just have to look at it as more than a normal tablet.

    But watching movies and such on this awesome OLED display and loud speakers is great. Recently went on another trip and it was nice having on the plane. 3 hours of video playback barely phased the battery. And even in the hotel, I didn't care there was no HDMI input. I just watched stuff on the tablet.
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    11-11-2015 09:28 PM
  2. JDeadly's Avatar
    Ok, so after using this incredible tablet for a month, I have to say I really like it. There are a couple things I wish it had - like an LED. Other than that, I am really happy with it!
    12-21-2015 11:11 PM
  3. pawdog's Avatar
    Just got one yesterday with keyboard $300.00 Presidents Day deal from Dell . Awesome device. I've wanted a 10 inch for comic and magazine. Holding it vertically for reading with that handle is really nice, and that screen, indescribable. Still setting everything up but so far it's all I ever imagined.

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    02-19-2016 10:37 AM
  4. jettaguy1938's Avatar
    Thanks to the reviews here (and elsewhere), I took a chance on my next tablet by ordering the Dell Venue 10 7040. It should be here by Wednesday. Even though it doesn't have its own forum yet, I'll post first impressions if anyone is interested.
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    08-31-2016 04:06 PM
  5. jettaguy1938's Avatar
    hello I'm new to this but I have had probably every tablet made and let me tell u I'm a very visual person the OLED screen is STUNNING and the thing is also faster than my new Dell with 8 gigs of ram and the new skylake processor and since I got this tablet about 2 months ago I haven't used my conv laptop 1 time also I really recommend the backlit keyboard SO TO SUM IT UP I WOULDNT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT ITS AN AMAZING LITTLE FAST BASICALLY LAPTOP AS A MATTER FACT SAD THEY ARE NOT MAKING IT ANYMORE SO I WILL BE ORDERING A SECOND 1 THATS HOW IMPRESSED I AM AND FORGOT THE SPEAKERS WICH ALWAYS FACE U AND EVEN IF U COVER THEM STILL VERY LOUD AND GREAT SOUND WELL HOPE IT HELPED U
    08-31-2016 04:16 PM
  6. Marshall Bryant's Avatar
    Do you know how to factory reset it without going into the OS? I bought one on craigslist but it says "since the device has been reset please sign in with the account that was previously registered with this device"
    11-25-2016 01:04 PM
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