1. mrmrmrmr's Avatar

    I liked Dell Venue 8 7000 very much. Specially the screen and the mentioned battery life.

    But I am also interested in the Realsense hardware and feature.

    Can anyone give example apps which came with the tablet and supports Realsense ?

    Is there a 3d scanning app ?
    Is there any possibility of cropping an object from a photo ?

    And when I was searching I saw the following video at youtube:
    www (dot) youtube (dot) com (dash) watch?v=u1_G3WpbsSw

    According to this, there is a 3d selfie scanning app made by Dacuda and Volumental.
    IS it available on Dell Venue 8 7000 ? (or will it be available with the upcoming upgrade ?)

    04-15-2015 05:08 PM
  2. mrmrmrmr's Avatar
    no interest in this ?
    04-17-2015 02:59 PM
  3. paul foster's Avatar
    Yes interested. But have no info.


    Posted via the Android Central App
    04-19-2015 08:45 PM
  4. Philipp-Lue's Avatar
    I think this is a really interesting topic but the SDK is still not publicly available so there is little to no chance to find an App with RealSense support. Intel says that the SDK would arrive soon but on the other hand they also say:
    "Buy Systems with the Intel® RealSense™ Snapshot
    COMING SOON – These cameras aren't in Android*-based tablets yet, but we'll let you know as soon as they are. Check back often. "
    I copy pasted this text from here: (I'm sorry the forum won't let me post a link)

    With other words: You said that there is no Android Tablet with a RealSense camera available, the fact that I'm reading this on my Venue 8 determined that's a lie.

    And at last: They plan to release a the R200 camera which obviosly will make the R100 obsolete.

    Greetings from Austria
    04-21-2015 03:37 AM
  5. mrmrmrmr's Avatar
    but have you chacked the youtube video I posted ?
    04-21-2015 01:14 PM
  6. mrmrmrmr's Avatar
    any news ?
    I believe this app might come with the Lollipop update that we're all waiting for.
    so any news about the update ?
    04-26-2015 07:29 AM

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