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    We're building a messenger app called Chativity.

    Chativity erases the limits of plain text conversations and offers you ready-to-use Packs - Collections with funny texts and free colorful, emotional stickers. Create your personal packs and combine whatever you want. Share them easily with your friends. Create text collections with your most used phrases or quotes and you won't have to type again. Find out actual popular trends about your interests, events, sports, comedy and music. Follow the channels your like or create yours and start the next big trend.

    Join our Google+ Beta community and start testing : https://goo.gl/X4Brxn
    Direct link to Play store: https://play.google.com/apps/testing...vity.messenger

    Happy testing. Your feedback would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

    [Free] Chativity - SuperCharged Messenger (beta testers wanted)-chativity_beta_testers_banner_300x250_1_2.png

    [Free] Chativity - SuperCharged Messenger (beta testers wanted)-unnamed-6-.png
    [Free] Chativity - SuperCharged Messenger (beta testers wanted)-unnamed-7-.png
    05-07-2016 03:47 PM

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