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    [Free App] [Beta] Sing Plus Karaoke-180.120.jpg

    A sing along social app, covering unlimited free karaoke tracks, turns your Android phone into a pocket-sized karaoke machine

    It's now in pubilc BETA.
    Get the beta version on Play Store

    We're still developing the app to make it better and smoother.
    You can follow us and send your feedback, suggesstions and critiques: Sing+ Facebook | Sing+ Twitter | Sing+ WhatsApp

    Sing+ plays as a free music community where you can sing and record, save and publish, share and discuss Swahili songs, African music as well as international songs. With various audio effects, DJ mixer and equalizer, Sing+ also plays as a pro DJ who makes you sing your inner soul sound like a super star.

    [Free App] [Beta] Sing Plus Karaoke-2.jpg [Free App] [Beta] Sing Plus Karaoke-3.jpg [Free App] [Beta] Sing Plus Karaoke-4.jpg [Free App] [Beta] Sing Plus Karaoke-5.jpg

    Any suggestion or feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    05-25-2017 10:18 PM

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