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    We invite you to be a beta tester for the applications we make, your reviews are very important to us.

    Thank You.

    What is Autoresponse?

    Autoresponse is an automatic answering machine for Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Blackberry Messenger and Line.
    This app will automatically replying incoming message, if contains keywords that have been in the previous settings
    Autoresponse can only be in text form, but you can send a link (URL) in response to a message.

    Why does not app work?
    - this app works on a minimum version of marshmallow android.
    - make sure messaging app notifications are enabled.
    - messenger app (WA, Messenger, BBM and Line) should be running in background (closed)
    - make sure the internet connection is stable and your smartphone power is sufficient.

    Does this application require setting as ROOT?

    Will this app serve ads?

    Is this app free?
    YES for Whatsapp up to 15 keywords.

    Is there a response count restriction?
    NO, you can send unlimited response.

    Can this application send messages?
    NO. This app can only respond to messages sent by others.

    Does this app store conversation data?
    No, except keyword data and application settings for backup purpose.

    How can you be contacted?
    please send via feedback form, or by email: cs.appzcreator@gmail.com
    whether for technical or business questions, feel free to try it out.

    If you're happy with this app, do not forget to star in google play and some word reviews.
    but if you are not satisfied, please submitted through the feedback form.

    Thank you, glad you can use our application.

    From your purchase and payment, we use to improve the ability of this application.

    Warm regards,
    RAB Team.
    12-06-2017 08:04 AM

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