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    You do not want anymore that your data is collected and sold? You want to know where your data is? You want to determine what happens to your data? Nevertheless you would like to communicate with your friends and family? Then you are exactly right here.

    We are looking for new beta testers for our decentralized community/messenger app.


    We started an open beta test. All you need to test is an Android device and some friends, it's a community app. If there is no friend nearby who also likes to test, you can make friends with the user "Peer'Em".

    What makes the app different?

    1. Your data is stored only on your own mobile device.
    2. Peer-to-Peer connections with, of curse, end-to-end encryption.
    3. Possibility of time limited visibility of chats, pictures or videos.
    4. You can safely chat with your friends, make phone calls or make video calls.
    5. Multiple Accounts - separate friend lists can be created.
    6. Location sharing - see where in the world your friends are, if they allow it.
    7. And many more ...

    We want to bring back the privacy.

    02-21-2019 01:03 PM

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