1. chocomega's Avatar
    Hi there !
    We have just released a new Live Wallpaper : My 3D Buddy !
    It is a simple yet stylized wallpaper featuring a 3D fox with a cartoon effect (Zelda Wind Waker was our source of inspiration )
    You can customize the colors to fit your taste and make a unique wallpaper. We plan to release new 3D animals through updates and hope you will enjoy this first one.

    Chocomega Lab's Apps-icon_3dbuddypaws120-56x56.png The app is free and downloadable on the Play Store:

    We are waiting for your comments and feedback !
    Thank you

    A video preview:
    12-08-2013 06:27 PM
  2. chocomega's Avatar
    Merry Christmas everyone !

    We did a live wallpaper for this special occasion, enjoy !

    Chocomega Lab's Apps-icon1201-56x56.png It's available on Google Play for free:

    12-24-2013 04:32 AM

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