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    reHuePlayer is a video player for Android that adjusts the colors in videos to allow people with colorblindness to distinguish them more easily.

    Google Play link

    Even if you don't have colorblindness, you can turn off the filters and enjoy plenty of reHuePlayer's other features:

    - Color settings: adjust brightness (in hardware or software), contrast and color saturation
    - Automatically detect and remove letterboxing (black bars at the edge of the screen) encoded into some videos for a better fit to your screen
    - Scene jump menu: navigate easily through large videos using a grid of thumbnails.
    - Subtitle support: both embedded and external subs are supported (place external subs in the same folder as your videos). Allows 2 subtitle streams at the same time!
    - Colorblindness color adjustment (daltonization) plus adjust the brightness of reds, greens and blues in the scene.

    How to use:

    - Browse for your video from a simple scrollable list, or browse the file system to find your video files that haven't been picked up by the media scanner. If you uncheck "Show Playable Files Only" in the options, you can use it as a generic file explorer and open non-video files using the Android file associations.

    - Tap the center of the screen to show/hide the video controller. When in full screen mode you can tap the bottom 20% of the screen to pause/play, and swipe along the bottom of the screen left or right to jump back and forth small increments (+/- 30 seconds), or else you can scrub through the video using the progress bar in the usual way. For longer videos (> 1 minute) a scene jump menu allows you to jump right to a scene by clicking on a thumbnail:

    - The color controls are at the bottom of the screen. Tap the > button in the bottom left to cycle through the 3 color menus. The undo button above it resets the colors on a particular menu (long press to reset all). The settings button (cog icon) allows you to set the display mode and choose subtitles (access the options menu from the video browser screen for more detailed subtitle options and to enable a second subtitle stream). The info button displays video and battery information.

    To set the colorblindness adjustment filter, choose one from the list and adjust the strength of the filter using the slider bar. You can display Ishihara plates (those circles made of colored dots with the numbers in them that they use for colorblindness tests) to gauge how much of an effect the filter will have. Hopefully numbers that were previously indiscernible will become visible when the filter is enabled!

    - Adjust brightness, contrast and color saturation in the same way:

    - You can also tweak the relative brightness of reds, greens and blues in the image if you still have trouble telling certain colors apart:

    - Two subtitle tracks are supported, you need to enable the second subtitle track from the main options menu.

    If you tap the side of the screen, the player will display a history of recently displayed subtitles (the exact number is configurable in the options menu), in case you miss one.

    Plays MP4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, and more. WMVs may be a bit choppy, hoping to fix this in a future version. Hardware acceleration is supported for H264 and some MPEG4-encoded videos.

    Display modes supported: Actual Size, Stretch to fit, Fit to screen (preserves aspect ratio), Remove embedded letterboxing and stretch to screen, Remove embedded letterboxing and fit to screen (preserves aspect ratio), Manual Zoom mode (use 2-fingered pinch zoom), Manual Zoom and Pan mode.

    It's free app with no ads. Hope you enjoy it!
    01-09-2014 07:35 PM
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    Thanks for sharing.
    01-09-2014 07:43 PM

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