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    With the World Cup in Brazil just around the corner, developers are capitalizing on the expected increase of interest in apps related to this global event. It is the developers job to build an app that is refreshing and appealing in order to get a decent amount of visibility within the app stores jungle. Snatch (Social Soccer App) is exactly the kind of app that stands out.

    The idea behind snatch evolves from the fact that Soccer is the most popular sport in the world (over 3.5 billion fans worldwide) with numerous online betting services available today. However most of these betting services are gambling outlets where the wagers are done using money. Snatch attempts to be a platform for soccer fans to support their various clubs while challenging each other in the "safest and most convenient possible way without having to wager any money. Snatch is an app that combines the excitement of betting for bragging rights and a strong community social aspect as users can directly interact with fans from the same team or opponents supporting other teams.

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    The main concept is to predict live soccer game outcomes against opponents and snatch them to be fans of your club upon winning the predictions. Activities are all based on real time scores. By winning a prediction you will force your adversary to become a fan of your own club. The more you win the more fans you snatch and convert into being fans for your club. Alternatively, if a fan is being snatched by the opponent club he can bail himself back to his original club by using snatch coins. If a grabbed fan does not have enough coins he can purchase coins within the application. The app is free to play but includes in-app purchase using the Lotaris in-appCommerce solution.

    On a social side, lots of fans would like a platform where they can meet their fellow fans and become socially active with them. Snatch (Social Soccer App) community provides a bridge for these types of services they seek (soccer related news, comments box during and after each game, ranking system that enhance community competitiveness). Snatch does very well in fulfilling these requirements.

    The company behind the app is Dynarte Technologies, founded in May 2011 by Henry Oforeh, a software developer with 14 years of experience. The company is thriving to develop apps with new concepts and to deliver them across multiple platforms, Dynarte has developed a few industry game changing entertainment software. Their game catalogues are characterized by user interface simplicity with a complex engine functionality to give end users a non-frustrating first time play experience.
    For more information on, visit Google Play or Dynarte Technologies website.

    [APP] Snatch (Social Soccer App)-screenshot-49-.png

    [APP] Snatch (Social Soccer App)-screenshot-45-.png
    02-05-2014 10:45 PM

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