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    What is Treevo

    The world of series has become more and more interesting over the last years. Lots of new trends in the different genres generated a huge variety of titles. But real series junkies are likely to get confused about their plurality of fandoms. Using Treevo, this should not be a problem any longer. This app enables a perfect management of ones series collection and thus accomplishes an overview in cineastes life.

    Treevo the new management for all series

    A perfect series management certainly creates some challenges. Depending on the number of titles, seasons and episodes keeping an overview can become somewhat difficult. Treevo brings that perfect overview. In an attractively designed environment the different titles and episodes can be selected exactly. Mainly the following functions of the app are prioritized:

    > Each episode of each series can be classified separately. So the user can see which episodes he already watched and check whether an episode has been skipped.
    > Not only 23 languages of the series are available even the app itself is available in three languages (French, German or English).
    > The selection of favourites is possible as well as a perfect sorting by date, alphabetical order, favourites or seen/unseen.

    Considering these functions, there will, of course, appear the question of payment. Instead of bothering users with ads, each user himself decides on the apps functionality. A donation to the developers ensures not only the availability of new functions but also a constant level of quality and thus a continuative management of ones series collection.


    About feedback I would be happy
    03-06-2014 11:31 PM

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