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    Retro Games are back! We know that you have an age and miss those old games and those legendary arcade machines. Drip Water will delight all who yearn for 80-90 years and their legendary games. If you want to relive a second youth please download and play Water Drip! If you are Young... experience as we had fun in our time.

    Not let to fall a drop of water on the floor! Do not dawdle, the speed will up...

    Play in three modes:

    Mode A: clear drops with increasing speed!
    Mode B: clear drops and black drops that pollute and no score if you empty the tank!
    Mode C: clear drops, and black drops ... with backward!

    Publish your accomplishments on Facebook and challenge your friends to beat your score. Game insured hours!

    You're a Pro Gamer? You're a Legend? You've seen the level Skull? Leave your mark on posterity with a puntuation of scandal!

    Water Drip on Google Play


    05-07-2014 11:34 AM

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