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    This is my third app, and I'm still a little new to android development, any feedback or tips is greatly appreciated! I have many plans for future features and updates that could improve or add to the ad. Also, any ratings or downloads help, thanks!

    Also, if you have any suggestions or bugs, please feel free to reply to the thread, It helps me create a better app for not only myself, but the entire community!

    Inspiration: Personally, I still play my music off of my SD card on my phone, as I find streaming music to eat up all my data, or just really slow and buggy. So I personally would use Google Play Music, or Shuttle (Which is great by the way). And the problem I had with these apps, is that I didn't enjoy they're light theme too much, it made my screen too bright, which would eat my battery, and the way they would scan your SD card was often unreliable, in the terms that it often wouldn't find some of the music I put on my phone, and if I added new music, the refresh would find it if I was lucky and often times I would have to re-install the app just for it to find my music. And on top of that, Google Play Music or other heavy media players would freeze my phone, or make it really laggy when i was in a hurry trying to do something. With video, I often found myself annoyed by the timeout of on screen video controls, or accidentally popping up on the screen and blocking what i was viewing, and I thought it'd be better if they were simply only in portrait mode so you could just flip your phone if you wanted to change something. And also, I once had a rom with a transparent theme, which made everything look so amazing on my phone. So this is why I decided to make a lightweight, transparent, and minimal music app for android that uses a file view rather than a music one to play music and videos.

    App Description:
    This app requires an external storage (SD card) to run, however most phones already have this.

    Looking for a music or video player that isn't slow, always crashing, or freezing your phone? One that allows you to find what you want to listen to or watch through a file explorer, instead of scanning your entire external storage, just to not find everything you have on there? Tired of external codecs, and just want the native ones that are much more reliable and fast? Do you find full screen video controls getting in the way of your video, and you think that they are annoying? Well, Feather was created for just these reasons, and it is presented in a minimal, beautiful, and easy to use format. Where it is all quite reliable, and always quick.

    Playlists - Play videos or music together in a playlist, watch a whole season or listen to a whole album continuously!
    Light Weight - APK ~ 300kb (Paid) 1.3 MB (Free) / Installed ~ 1MB (Paid) 4MB (Free)
    Fast - Mostly everything pre-loaded when app is opened
    Ongoing Notification - You can easily see what's playing or return to the app anywhere in your phone
    Compatible - Works with most headset media controllers
    Beautiful - Uses your system wallpaper as it's theme, and uses a semi transparent look above it
    Distraction Free - All controls are in Portrait mode, so you can focus only on your video in landscape
    Smooth - Navigating the app is very fast, and aesthetically pleasing
    File View - Lets you find the songs you want to listen to, to avoid moments when a player can't find it
    Native Codecs - No extra downloads, uses native android codecs for easy and fast playback

    Supported File Formats:
    Music - mp3 , flac (Android 3.1+) , mid , xmf , mxmf , rtttl , rtx , ota , imy , ogg , wav , aac (Android 3.1+) ,
    ts (Android 3.0+)
    VIdeo - 3gp , mp4 , webm , mkv (Android 4.0+)

    Read/Write External - to read media, and delete it from the SD Card
    Network (Free Only) - For Ads

    I'm open to suggestions, and would love to make this app better for the community, if there are any bugs are suggestions you would like to give, send them here: torch2424@hotmail.com

    Thank you very much for supporting me and this app!

    Screen Shots:


    Intial Release

    Fixed starting point (stats in you external sd card, not mount folder)
    Fixed navigation (you can explore entire phone now)
    Fixed Menu (Added menu button to title bar for phones that dont have it)
    Fixed closing crashes
    Plays every file in folder after the file you picked
    Updated Ads (Free Version Only)

    Decreased Size (Free Version)
    Play, Delete, Move items in play list
    Empty Playlist text
    Removed External SD Check
    Bugfixes (Delete function, etc...)
    Adds all files in folder to play list, but plays the one you chose
    Opens Apk and Images in their respective apps
    Added interstitial ad that shows when you first play a file (Free Version)

    - Portrait Video Fixes (Looks and runs a lot better)
    - Various video fixes (Smoother, dedicated video space in portrait mode)
    - Ads no longer stop video from playing on first play (Free version only)
    - No more double skipping from media button presses (Sometimes happened)
    - Apk size bigger because of new Google Play Policies (Free Version Only)

    Thank you once again, please reply with feedback below, I look forward to what you have to say!
    05-22-2014 01:28 AM
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    Updated OP! Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
    06-01-2014 04:48 PM
  3. torch2424's Avatar
    Updated OP to version 2! I look forward to you bugs and suggestions if you have them!
    06-16-2014 11:06 PM
  4. torch2424's Avatar
    Updated OP to version 2.1! Heres the changes!

    - Portrait Video Fixes (Looks and runs a lot better)
    - Various video fixes (Smoother, dedicated video space in portrait mode)
    - Ads no longer stop video from playing on first play (Free version only)
    - No more double skipping from media button presses (Sometimes happened)
    - Apk size bigger because of new Google Play Policies (Free Version Only)

    I'm open to any bugs or anything you guys have. They help everyone out, thanks!
    07-08-2014 12:09 AM

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