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    Hi everybody, i'm the product manager of HexLab Software, a very small software house which develops solutions to improve the quality of use of your lovely smartphones and tablets.

    Well i'm here to introduce you a new app called Deletify, as the title spoken it aims to mantain your file system clear from those files that we have in our smartphones and very often we don't delete because we forget'em (i'm sure at least once you've encourtered this situation).
    The procedure is completely automatic, once you've downloaded the app, you have to select the folders you interested in, then set the scheduled time in which the notification will appear, then select if you want delete only files or folders or both from the parent folder, then you're good to go. Now you've wait the notification that you've set in the scheduled pane (it will appear only if there are files to be removed).

    Well this is a little introduction, now i leave you with the PlayStore description and then some pics of the app:

    Have you ever thought that remove files on your phone or smartphone and keep them clean is a pain thing? Well, you've found the right answer to your problems, thanks to Deletify you are now able to remove files inside folders in an automatically way, all you have to do is:
    - select the folders you're interested in
    - check both or at least once of the options to remove only files and/or only folders presents inside the parent folder
    - set the schedule time
    Now you're good to go!
    Now you have to wait the notification that will appear based on the time you've set in the schedule panel.

    The app is available now on PlayStore here it is https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...exlab.deletify. Download it share it and most of all enjoy it!
    05-29-2014 02:57 AM
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    05-31-2014 02:49 PM

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