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    Hello and Very Good Morning,

    Jet Storm 3D is a high speed breakneck adventure Major Game Enhancement:

    * High Speed Jet (breakneck speed).
    * Smooth Performance and improvements
    * Additional Power-Up (Collect a Star and the rocks make way)
    * Game element Orientation Fixed

    Store link

    Jet Storm 3D


    Jet Storm 3D is a high-speed Jet sortie game that use the accelerometer controls.

    >>>>>> Jet Storm - 3D <<<<<<< New Advanced Version Released.-1.jpg

    >>>>>> Jet Storm - 3D <<<<<<< New Advanced Version Released.-2.jpg

    >>>>>> Jet Storm - 3D <<<<<<< New Advanced Version Released.-3.jpg

    >>>>>> Jet Storm - 3D <<<<<<< New Advanced Version Released.-4.jpg

    >>>>>> Jet Storm - 3D <<<<<<< New Advanced Version Released.-5.jpg

    The enemy radars are searching for your Jet and you fly low to avoid radar detection. You take advantage of the terrain masking to avoid getting tracked on the radars.

    The goal is to fly your Jet low over the ocean and get the highest possible score by flying as far as possible. You are equipped with Missiles onboard and constant supply of fuel as you cross each zone successfully. An array of power-ups, Missile packs and speed-boosters help you all along the way.


    The levels are programmed intelligently enough to pose a good challenge as your fly. The rocks are generated based on your speed.


    • Amazing 3D gameplay
    • Logically designed Power-up
    • Smooth and reflexive controls
    • Superb sound effects

    Kindly download and give is a nice rating and review.

    Many thanks
    Whitefield Games Studio
    07-11-2014 02:21 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central, and good luck with the game!
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    07-11-2014 02:22 PM

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