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    Learning a new foreign language is never easy and nowadays many of us must learn more than one language beside mother language (like me are English and Korean). Learn too much new words and new grammars make us crazy and stress, can't remember yesterday learned words or last week learned words ... This software is a new solution like a vocabulary notebook to note words and can easy see again and have more advance features:

    - Note word/grammar with color draw and short meaning to search after. With this software, learning language is like a relaxing with draw pictures.

    - Draw data is saved base vector image, can zoom unlimit, can move data to any device screen size.

    - Search again words / grammars with strong full text search technical, can find any word, mean in any where.

    - Review known and unknown words.

    - Re write word and check correct, can use with touch or pen, without paper.

    - Flashcard - random words in data to review knowledge.

    - View progress in learning language by statics (day by day).

    - Online search.

    - Data save in sdcard (/sdcard/DrawVocabuary/) easy to copy to other device or can auto sync devices with softwares like Fordersync.

    With a smartphone, we can bring it to any where. And this can be used in note, search in other fields like diary, ideas ....

    If you like creation / draw / design, i think you will like my software.

    This software using Ionic + angularjs frameworks with libraries: chartjs, angular-chart.js, fabricjs and jquery.

    Google play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...drawvocabulary
    07-06-2016 08:01 AM

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