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    Are you an Android Application Developer ?
    Have you developed an awesome and futuristic Application and struggling to make it popular ?

    If yes, then download and join AppraiseApp community. Add your Application to our Community and let our friends explore your Application and provide Feedback / Reviews. You can also help exploring other Applications from Developers around the world and provide Feedback / Reviews.

    Advantages of AppraiseApp:
    • Only users who have installed your App will be able to write reviews.
    • Reviews will be validated against Play Store. Only if it is available in Play Store, it will be approved.
    • Like / Share the Application that you love on Facebook / Google+
    • Receive Honest Reviews from users which will help improve you Application.
    • No Ads which will make you annoyed while using Application.
    • Skip the Applications that you are not really Interested.
    • Acknowledge / Report Feedback that are not Honest.
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