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    VidView is a cross-promotion video sharing app, that lets you share your new video clips with other users to gain popularity and views.

    The app works the following way:

    A user registers a new account with Facebook, after that the newly registered user is awarded one promotional point, with which he or she can publish their new video in the app. After that you can start viewing clips and earning points after the video has ended.

    NOTE: A video clip must be 3:00 minutes or longer.

    How to publish:

    If you have one or more points available you can publish the link to your app(or simply enter the video id of the clip). After you click the "plus" icon the video will be loaded into the app and shown to you, so that you know if it is the right link. After that you simply submit the clip and that's it. Your video is now listed.

    How to earn publication points:

    To earn more publications you have to watch videos. The longer the video, the more points you will be awarded. A countdown timer, which is the same length as the video, will start. If you pause the video or minimize the app the counter will stop and it will resume when you continue watching it.
    06-23-2019 04:36 AM

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